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  1. redsqwrl

    * 2022 Snow Cat Clowder * February 3-6, Bessemer Michigan.

    It is that time of the year again to put out the message and open invite. *Clowder in the powder, 2022* Event is a centrally located snow cat outing or Get Together in Bessemer MI. This Region of the USA gets a significant amount of lake effect snow off of lake superior. 4-5 hours north of...
  2. redsqwrl

    journal liners

    I keep replacement sleeves and journal liners on hand. they are in east central WI they are less than $400 an assembly I am a teacher. My buyer will not need these yesterday they will need them in an upcoming scheduled maint session. Installation available. complete turn key diffs available...
  3. redsqwrl

    2021 Snow Cat Clowder ( FEBRUARY 6, 2021 )

    The 2021 Vintage Snow Cat Clowder is a go. When: The first Saturday in February is 2/6/2021, Where: Bessemer MI. Host: Big Powderhorn Mountain Resort, N11375 Powderhorn Road, Bessemer, Michigan 49911 Why: Snow cats! Over the snow play. The Midwest Vintage Snow Cat Clowder is an event Held in...
  4. redsqwrl

    2020 Sno Cat Clowder ( FEBRUARY 1, 2020 )

    The first Saturday in February is the 2/1/2020 We technically don't have a golden spike to celebrate the meeting of the East and West coast over the snow enthusiast, but I bet I could find a COPPER one. So Yes, the invite is standing. The event sponsor list is growing. The event rules are...
  5. redsqwrl

    brake line design master cylinder

    AS you can guess, I work in fits and starts. I am motoring through projects like a fat kid and a bag of candy. In a rare fit of organization I decided to order in the parts I need for one of ten projects going on here in the compound. the base of this project is a 2100 thiokol. It had the...
  6. redsqwrl

    Check this out, electric snow cat....

    Its the right color
  7. redsqwrl

    50 hour Thiokol 2100 saga.......

    So here is a tale of a snow cat project that would be the envy of any (wo)man. GIVEN: The value of a hobby is worth what ever one is willing to spend on it. AND: the difference between a hobby and a habit is a 12 step program. I am going to document the end of life for a cat that likely was...
  8. redsqwrl

    snow trac restoration like no other *the best* I wish i could figure out how to embed the video to the post but this restoration is over the top... Enjoy
  9. redsqwrl

    another snow cats are cool blog to fact check (Tucker)

    So I rolled my ankle, It is disgustingly black and blue and sore all over. I powered through the first two days of ankle hell, fitting rubber terra tracks on a 1642 ME in preparation of the winter clowder 2019. I can't walk any more, so I jumped on the internet....... Googled "custom snow...
  10. redsqwrl

    2019 midwest cat clowder

    Aarons group has/had a good idea...... Get the dates out there for the community over the snow events. Save the Date, February 2nd is the first saturday in February so clowder dates are set. There are trail rides as needed the week before. Show and Shine on saturday the 2nd Save the date...
  11. redsqwrl

    Summer Clowder 9/28-30, 2018 Elkader Iowa.

    So the Idea was to rotate the summer events to different locations and Nobody stepped up..... well that is a lie. We got a venue and it will be EPIC so here we go. The 2018 Mid West Cat Clowder summer edition. The thought is to keep it simple, snow cat work is ok as long as it has a social over...
  12. redsqwrl

    differentials explained
  13. redsqwrl

    Homeade or production Snow cat?? I see hagglunds type track. sounds governed. Brake steered Manual transmissioned this video is one that enables my attention...
  14. redsqwrl

    Mid West Sno(w) cat Clowder 2018 Feb 1-4

    I figured the event needs a home. The 2018 event is On for the first Thursday, Friday, Saturday in February. 2/1 trail rides in the wilds of the Upper peninsula of MI. 2/2 Trail rides in the outback 2/3 The show, shine and Games at Big Powder Horn 2/4 is usually a travel day but....... Lets...
  15. redsqwrl

    Seeking slant six info (tucker repower)

    Anyone have time to go scrape up a number on there slant six bell housing.. I have a 1542 with a 318 5 speed. I have a 1979 slant six engine. I am entertaining installing the slant six into the 76 tucker. I would like to keep my 5 spd. I was *told* that the old flat head six bell housings...
  16. redsqwrl

    looks like a challenger and terex collided

    What is this? it intrigues me and looks like a bunch of sketches I have for a home made tucker type project??? Joe Barron is the new service/field rep/ manager guy here in the midwest at track inc, the photo is off his website.
  17. redsqwrl

    Mid West Cat Clowder, July 21-23

    No Joke. I made a phone call today to a retired shop teacher. Out of that phone call came a neat idea to Get Together. Ironically there will be a Snow Shadow sneaking around in July as well, so Here it is...... The 2017 Mid West Cat Clowder summer edition.:wow: The thought is to keep it simple...
  18. redsqwrl

    Popped up at my employers auction service, (there's two)
  19. redsqwrl

    movie memorabilia (the thing) Question

    so the final scene of the thing was shot in my snow cat. I have a pair of seats that make me giggle every time I sit in them, I giggle because the person with the flame thrower had no idea how much damage they were about to do to a LMC spryte. the leather cover seat was taken apart, nomexed...
  20. redsqwrl

    tucker grouser wear question

    is this a repair or a performance enhancement? also, Is the center anti side hill supposed to be a V? was it just wore down and then tabs added, or is the plate added to make more of a paddle for trapping fluffy snow. Mike