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  1. teledawg

    Free Snowcat on FB???

    Not mine. Don't even know if it's legit, but if it is, it's too good to pass up, no?
  2. teledawg

    Lower-48 Snow-Trac on eBay

    Here is a big-wheel 3-band Snow-Trac on eBay in the lower-48:
  3. teledawg

    Snow Master Listed on

    Here is a ~1975 Snow Master listed on Looks all original and is even complete with the implement hydraulics.
  4. teledawg

    1975 Snow-Master on craigslist

    I saw this ad on the Anchorage craigslist for a 1975 Snow-Master that is located in Eugene, OR. Note the narrow tracks on it! 1975 Snowmaster Snowcat (Eugene, OR) Reply to: [Errors when replying to...
  5. teledawg

    Aktiv Snow-Master, Snow-Trac, Trac-Master Graphics

    Here are full size Aktiv Snow-Master, Snow-Trac and Trac-Master vehicle graphics templates in PDF format. Included are the graphics for the side of the cab and the round snowflake graphics for the front fenders and a custon TrueType font of the Snow-Trac lettering style for use in your own...
  6. teledawg

    For Sale - 1968 Trac-Master ST4B SN: 0979

    I saw this on Bill's site at: Serial Number is 0979 so that would make it a 1968. Looks to be in pretty good shape. :applause::brows:
  7. teledawg

    1978 Military Snow-Trac for Sale on

    Link to Described as being used in the Falklands. That would be a rare one indeed. No bids as of yet!
  8. teledawg

    First Trip of The Season

    Here are a few pictures from the first trip of this season last weekend with the FBI Rig in its new home at 4,000 feet in the Talkeetna Mountains of Alaska. It goes great in the deep snow!
  9. teledawg

    Source For New Snow Trac/Master Drive Sprockets

    I just wanted to let everybody that is looking for brand new Snow-Trac or Trac-Master/Snow-Master bronze drive sprockets that there is a foundry in Alaska that is making them. :applause: The name of the place is J & T foundry and Design and they are located in North Pole, Alaska. Here is a...
  10. teledawg

    US Military Testing of Snow-Trac

    I ran across this very interesting 50 plus page test report of the Ride Characteristics of Lightweight Tracked Vehicles done by the US Army Tank Command in 1967. Here is a link to abstract: and the full...
  11. teledawg

    On eBay -- 1977 Thikol Imp Widetrack snowcat

    Saw this on eBay today. Item number 170138278892 Thought someone here might be interested in it.
  12. teledawg

    Kristi KT-3 For Sale on eBay?

    Saw this for sale on eBay today. Item number: 250144511680 Looks like a Kristi KT-3, but it is real crappy photo. :weneedpic It has a VW engine and it sure isn't a Snow-Trac so it must be a Kristi. Maybe the KKK would be interested in this??? :yum: :yum: :yum:
  13. teledawg

    1968 Snow Trac ST4 #1069 For Sale

    Saw this Snow Trac with a rather interesting history for sale here: Looks like it may have only had one prior owner in Scottand! Looks to be in rater good shape, but the price is 2x to 3x high! :4_11_9: Might be a nice unit for someone...
  14. teledawg

    Can Anyone ID This Alaskan Snow Trac?

    Ran accross this while surfing for Alaska Snow Tracs and was wondering if anyone could ID this Snow Trac? See more pictures HERE starting at the thrid one down. The pictures are in an Alaska 4x4 forum trip report on 4x4'ing the Bartko Homestead Trail near Palmer, Alaska in January 2006...