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  1. baldy347

    origin of left and right

    Subject: FW: Origin of Left & Right "Left" and "Right": A little Bible study > >Remember what Jesus said: 'Goats on the left, >sheep on the right'. > > >To Peter, 'if you want to catch fish do it from the >right side of the boat. They did and filled the boat. > >Origin of Left & Right...
  2. baldy347

    have you seen this

    Subject: MARLIN FIREARMS CLOSING ITS DOORS - Important for all gun owners Marlin Firearms is closing its doors! This needs to be spread to all gun owners and sportsmen/women. We cannot rely on the media to inform us of these types of matters...
  3. baldy347

    Hacked AGAIN!

    Have been hacked again, every body on my email contact list has probably received a virus as well. My computer tech says the programs i've got on here are the best i can get,but it goes back to the shop to see what he can do. FRUSTRATING!!!
  4. baldy347

    loader tractor

    I have an old [1948] Allis WD with an Allis loader-it's worn out,it's clumsy and I'd like to replace it. Something with power steering,good brakes in the 50 to 60 HP range and easy to get on & off,cause I'm getting clumsy too. Any recommendations ?
  5. baldy347

    Apple grinder

    Hi All, What device do you use to grind apples to make cider? Purchased or home built? If homemade what would you differently next time? How about using a garbage disposal unit-purchased new and disinfected ? We have an antique press that a previous owner destroyed the grinder part by...
  6. baldy347

    can you recommend a good used garden tractor?

    Can any one recommend a decent garden tractor with mowing deck?My 1982 JD 214 is about used up.It has been nearly trouble free except the deck and deck drive and the Vari-ator ,which is becoming a real nuisance! I've spent more time under it than on it:sad:. Thanks in advance,wayne
  7. baldy347


    My computer Tech says i've been hacked. He found two seriously destructive viruses also; worst one hidden in a file for Government supported funding of homes. Second one from adult site i've been frequenting for more than three years with no previous problems. I cannot adequately express my...
  8. baldy347

    40 years

    On April 12,2011,I lost my Wife just two months shy of 40 years. She suffered from several problems for more than thirty years- now She hurts no more.May She For ever Rest in Peace wayne
  9. baldy347

    want to buy home

    want to buy small home with storage shed/shop southwestern Pa or WVa. house suitable for two people. Rural location only prefer not to see another house
  10. baldy347

    The Man test

  11. baldy347

    disc brakes on a Farmall"A"?

    Hi All, I've been making slow progress on the little tractor,but would like to put brakes on my "A" without disassembling most of the finals -wheel weights,wheels and tires[loaded],reduction housings,seat,fenders.any thoughts on using rotors and calipers from a truck between the axle flange...
  12. baldy347

    quick n dirty parts tumbler

    My son needed a parts tumbler, so 1 old riding mower provided the gear reduction ,drive wheels and idlers[front wheels] added a quarter hp motor to some scrap angle and bar stock
  13. baldy347

    building a new tractor-winter project

    and seeking advice. Picked up a nice running John Deere LUC combine engine; anticipate building a two wheel drive tractor not over 1000 pounds as completed . have a transaxle from an old Cub cadet with 6-12 tires mounted[ag tires]. will this work or should i find a heavier axle? Engine is rated...
  14. baldy347

    No job too small

    Hi all, first attempt at posting pics but here goes... this started out as a very worn out struckit i believe. A friend Doug B. seriously reworked it.the side boom was added as he lives in an oil field town; the blade is capable of more than one would expect.