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    Deer causes a flat tire on my tractor

    Never saw the deer but what he left behind is causing me a bunch of problems. As soon as I removed the antlers the tire went flat. My local tire company is coming in the morning to repair the damage. To add to my bad luck, following this flat tire, I got out the wife's Kubota to finish...
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    Anyone have any experience with quadcopters? I have been watching a lot of utube videos about them and am interested in a beginners model that I can use to take photos and videos. I'm not interested in racing, doing flips or running obsticle courses. The Hubsan H501S x4 advanced has caught...
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    Need help with an iPad

    I have done it again. Apparently I tweaked something in settings and (because of my advanced age) can't remember what I changed. In the past when I was through reading ForumsForums or NetTractorTalk, I would just close the Safari tab. I never logged out of any forums. When I returned my iPad...
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    Nadine, the chatty robot

    A glimpse of the future. Singapore: Meet Nadine, the chatty robot that can remember past conversations - YouTube Bob
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    Big Brother's Camera

    This following was sent to me in an email. Look how hard it is to disappear in a crowd. You can be seen everywhere. Pick on a small part of the crowd click a couple of times -- wait – click a few more times and see how clear each individual face will become each time...
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    Software for building a web site

    Do any of you have experience with free software for building your own web site? I've visited,,, and a few others. Some say the software is free, but many have a monthly charge. I'm building a web site for a non-profit organization, and we don't want anything...
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    Interesting new knife.....

    The video using the gel was not very impressive. What was interesting though, is that when the Co2 cartridge releases, the volume is about the size of a basketball. Bob
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    Who can you trust?

    In 2008 Hillary stated she and Chelsea were shot at in Bosnia in 1996 when coverage of her visit at the time showed her being greeted leisurely by an 8 year old with a welcoming poem. Link Later Hillary recanted her story by saying "she misspoke"...
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    Home Security System

    Does anyone have any experience with this company or any home security company? Thanks, Bob
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    What to do with old iPhone 4S

    My wife and I each have an iPhone 4S that is no longer being used, and we are trying to figure out what to do with them. I looked into sending them back to Apple. Apple will give you a $105 gift card for each one, however, the gift card is only good at Apple Retail Stores. We have two Apple...
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    Question for Keurig owners

    I searched back through the forums and saw a lot of comments about Keurig machines from back in 2011 and 2012, but nothing recently. So, finding myself in the need of a new coffee maker, and not wanting to spend a ton of money, what's the current thoughts on Keurigs? Anyone found a super...
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    You can't make this stuff up

    I wouldn't want this Sgt as my partner. Sorry - I can't get the link to work. I'm on my iPad and have a very slow connection. The title of the article is: Police: Sergeant shot officer, fire extinguisher A Sgt & 2 officers go on a domestic disturbance call. One officer goes to the back...
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    Value of Kubota L2500

    The following is also posted on NetTractorTalk. I put it in both places in case some members here might not be members there. Bob
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    Clearing under trees

    I have a lot of wooded areas on the farm. Most of the ground under the trees has a lot of briars, tall weeds, saplings, vines, and stuff growing under the trees. One area in particular is the far side of the pond. With all the undergrowth, this area is not very pretty. For some time I have...
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    How the word "Olympics" evolved

    The winter Olympics are right around the corner. I am a history buff and I found it fascinating to learn how the word "Olympics" had evolved over 2500 years. A slave girl from Sardinia, named Gedophamee, was attending a great but, as yet, unnamed athletic festival 2500 years ago...
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    Privacy, or lack thereof, with obamacare

    This is almost a month old, but if you haven't seen this video - GEEZ. Each day bring a new set of incredible shameful revelations about obamacare.
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    Question about iPads & forums forums

    When using an iPad to access forumsforums, how do you post a photo? I tried copying the photo, but when I went to paste it into the new thread, I couldn't get the paste button to appear. Instead, forumsforums wants a link to the photo. Since the iPad does not have a file system lime a PC...
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    1 minute beatdown of Obama on the House Floor

    Very truthful video "]here. Bob I can't get the above link to work. Try this one...
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    View First Unread

    Doc, why is the View First Unread button missing from some threads? For example: it appears in the first example below, but is missing in the second example. It has been about 3 days since I was last on the forum, so maybe you made an announcement/change that I missed. Bob
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    Saw this in the grocery store today

    Anyone ever try this? Bob