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    thinkin bout sellin

    Thinking of selling the sv 200 and possiblly the trailer to haul it on, When will I learn had a chance to buy a backhoe cheap and passed it up as I had (I thought) mended fences with my brother, well he ended up showing me again how much of a b hole he is. anyway I am in need of a backhoe or a...
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    Haven't been on here for a while. I thought afrer my friend passed that I was staying with I would have more time to get things done at the shop and to the bombadier, but I have ended up taking care of my mother-in-law. I'm not complaining, as she is really not any trouble just fix her...
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    merry christmas to everyone here at ff
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    thank you P.G and Doc it worked.
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    Holiday cake

    Christmas Cake Recipe .... Once again this year, I've had requests for my Tequila Cake recipe so here goes: Please keep in your files as I am beginning to get tired of typing this up every year! 1 cup sugar 1 tsp. baking powder 1 cup water 1 tsp. salt 1 cup brown sugar Lemon juice 4 large...
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    plate numbers for "SV 200"

    san anybody tell me what these numbers rep. found the plate on the skid steer. model sv 200 chassis sv200776 motor #4606519ha any and all help will be appreciated. sorry I havent been here for a while but we have been having a lot of problems (health wise) but I think it is about over and...
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    need help with wiring

    am trying to install a ignition sw. in the sw 200 but no matter how I try to wire the sw. it is wrong, could someone walk me thru the wiring for the alt. starter relay, voltage reg.,by the way the sw. that I'm trying to use has 4 terminals (bat., ignition, acc., and the 4 th. term. is in the...
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    where I was born

    thought you all might to hear it from the horses ass oops mouth check out the vids at V=MwhKuup8D8&feature=Player_embedded there are several vids that I thought were intresting just my thought
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    pics of shop kitchen

    I will try to post some pics of my shop kitchen
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    track seem loose

    haven't been on here for a while have been working in the shop/family gettogeather room, could some one tell me how to tighten the tracks on a bombadier sv 200 I went to move it out of the way and the tracks seemed loose. or atleast how much slack there should be in the the track and at what...
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    today started bad

    went to the shop this morning to get my gooseneck trailer so i coulg go get some lumber to put in the bath and kitchen, well that only took 45 min. as it is nothing but mud. got to town got the lumber got back got stuck. that wasnt bab enough went into the shop to start moving stuff out of the...
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    wanna be like daddy

    daddy is home for the weekend sitting on the couch watching tv when his 3 yo son comes running in grabs a hand full of m&m's chews them grabs the cat bites it tail then runs back out this happens 3 or 4 times when finally daddy says son what are you doing, the son says im practicin to be like...
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    plane ride

    back in the 30's or there abouts. this old farm couple come into town for the fair, one of the main attractions was plane rides. well ol paw seen that there areoplane and thought boy that would be something to do, so he talked to his wife. he says maw i sure would like to ride on that there...
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    bombarier dresser

    does anyone have pics of a bombardier sv 200 groomer shots of the groomer and how it hooks up to the 200 Thanks for any shots / info
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    starting to slow down

    We fianlly got almost done with mil house only thing left now is to put some new flooring in the utility room andswap the washer and dryer and run a new vent for the dryer. so far in the last couple of years we have put on a new roof, new siding,new windows, new kitchen floor cabinets sink and...
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    Best hangover food?

    I used to drink chocoalte milk and eat several peices of rasin bread oh wait you said for a hangover thats what I would do after getting off work at 1600 and going drinking and stopping in time to get back to the ship, change clothes and be ready for work Wish I had the money I whizzed away
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    Dodge truck wireing

    Does anybody know anything about the wiring on a Dodge truck. this is the problem. I traded for a 2000 Dodge 2500 truck 3/4 ton dully flatbed with a goosneck ball to pull my trailer anyway I discovered that the front end had been changed the old front had the (sport) lites (two Hi and Low...
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    the announcer on the radio just said we are expecting 3-4 inches of snow we alreade have over 6 and it is going from a dry powder to wet so much for techknowledge
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    Goin to the Dr.

    The better half sliped pn the ice last friday and broke her ankle any way we have a Dr. appointment tommorow in Springfield 2 hr drive one way to see a sergon and hopefuly get some proper treatment. The er dept. put a fiberglass splint on her last friday that was to tight, the orto surgen...