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  1. Aaron Tucker

    ❄2021 Colorado Snowcat Jamboree❄

    Another record braking year! 35 snowcats showed up to the 2021 Colorado Snowcat Jamboree. Sorry to those that couldn't make it. Maybe next year....... Thank you to every one that supported this event. We couldn't do it with out you! follow us on Instagram for more updates @snowcat_inc or check...
  2. Aaron Tucker

    ❄2021 Colorado Snowcat Jamboree❄

    check our Facebook page
  3. Aaron Tucker

    ❄2021 Colorado Snowcat Jamboree❄

    no they are the same thing
  4. Aaron Tucker

    ❄2021 Colorado Snowcat Jamboree❄

    The snow and anticipation are growing.
  5. Aaron Tucker

    ❄2021 Colorado Snowcat Jamboree❄

    The 2021 Colorado Snowcat Jamboree will be held March 5th, 6th and 7th at Vail pass this year. We would like to thank the national forest service rangers for all their support and allowing us to use our public lands to host this epic Snowcat Jamboree. ATTENDANTS will be REQUIRED to follow all...
  6. Aaron Tucker

    First day snowcating 20-28-2020

    First full day of snowcating this season in Colorado. We fixed a blown out window at a repeater site outside of RMNP
  7. Aaron Tucker

    4 door LMC

    not mine or anyone that I know
  8. Aaron Tucker

    50k IMP

    not mine or anyone I know, but here it is
  9. Aaron Tucker

    Snowcat Season Opener!

    :hammer:Went out and did some testing for the first snowcat trip of the season. weston pass was welcoming. looks like cat 301 (The Party Cat ) is going to need a new radiator. Found a pin hole leak. Good thing we where right next to the creek.
  10. Aaron Tucker

    2020 Colorado Snowcat Jamboree

    The dates have been set for the 2020 Colorado snowcat Jamboree March 6th,7th and 8th WARNING !!!! This Jamboree is not for the faint hearted! This event was born and bred to rip and shred your snowcat up. location: Vail pass, Friday-Saturday (6 miles from the parking area to saddle of...
  11. Aaron Tucker

    Search and rescue

    Snowcat Inc was mobilized by El paso county SAR for the biggest storm the front range of Colorado has seen in 22 years. We tagged over 70 cars and saved 40+ people in a 24hr span. It was hard work but it was well worth it to see these peoples faces when we told them to load up in the snowcat...
  12. Aaron Tucker

    Tucker 3000

    Spotted the tucker 3000 at Togwotee with experimental tracks.
  13. Aaron Tucker

    ISO blade and push frame for 2009 Prinoth Trooper

    ISO blade and push frame for 2009 Prinoth Trooper tier 2 machine.
  14. Aaron Tucker

    Tucker 1643RE

    I'm thinking about getting rid of my trooper and getting a 1643Re with the 6bt cummins and a 6 way blade. what do you guys think?
  15. Aaron Tucker

    First day of the season Oct 15th

    I picked up the Tincup tucker in Avon and on the way home cut my first snowboarding lines of the season:smile:. Someone else got the first day of snowcatting in the books:clap:
  16. Aaron Tucker

    2019 Colorado Snowcat Jamboree

    The Colorado snowcat clan has meet and decided the dates of this years Colorado Snowcat Jamboree. March 8th, 9th and 10th at Vail and Montezuma CO more details to come, stay tuned.
  17. Aaron Tucker

    Colorado Crew does one more Trip at Vail

    We had a great weekend with the Colorado Crew last weekend . Maybe alittle to much fun lol. Thanks Again to John , Travis and Sean for helping me coordinate my broken cat back on the trailer.
  18. Aaron Tucker

    Vail On Sunday

    Going to take the Tincup Tucker up to Vail on Sunday if anyone wants to go. John will also be out with his Trooper.:alc:
  19. Aaron Tucker

    Jones Pass

    going up with Jason for the maiden voyage of his blue bombardier tomorrow at Jones pass. all cats welcome ! Run what you brung!:bounce:
  20. Aaron Tucker

    Flat Top Fun

    The Colorado crew will be hitting the Flat tops on Saturday and Sunday if any one would like to join. :clap: