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  1. wakeupcall

    Gmoose Adventures

    Nice Rat Nose ! We also own one of those cool old trucks.
  2. wakeupcall

    Tucker pontoons on pavement?

    They dont build new grouser parts and used ones are not very plentiful. I would not run it on pavement if it was mine and especially if you can trailer it. Pain in the but will be sourcing grousers later. Just my opinion.
  3. wakeupcall

    sno(w) cat serenade, march 10-16, 2021

    Have Reservations! And we are planning on bringing the 1963 443. Can hardly wait!!
  4. wakeupcall

    Good Day on the Mountain

    The wife and I took out the 1642 for a little spring run. Was a beautiful day and plenty of snow, still have a good 8 feet or so. Tucker stayed right on top only sinking in 4 to 6 inches. Here are a couple pics.:thumbup:
  5. wakeupcall

    Tuckers up on the Mesa

    On the 28th of January Tom and my wife and I were able to take the Tuckers for a run. Had a great time and it is always good to get a little more time on her. Snow was plenty deep guessing 5 to 6 feet, Both machines ran great.
  6. wakeupcall

    LMC 1500 Cabin Outing

    After about 5 years or see so, I decided to get the Lmc 1500 out of the shop and get her to run again. Had to drain all fuel out and change filters a carburetor rebuild was next. Reset timing from 9 degrees btdc to 13 degrees btdc seems to have more power than before. Ran into our cabin and...
  7. wakeupcall

    1942 Dodge WC 12 WW 2 Pickup

    Bought this truck in january and after trying to get it shipped to colorado, finally purchased a new trailer in indiana then drove to Kentucky and brought it home. It has kept me busy this winter. Pretty cool old piece of history. Simular to Tuckers but quite different.
  8. wakeupcall

    Colorado Vintage 423 Tucker Article

    Found this article in our local utility publication. Its called Colorado Country Life put out by Grand Valley Power. Pretty good write up on the life of one more old Tucker. Enjoy, hope you are able to zoom in on writing.:smile:
  9. wakeupcall

    Lost one of 4 legged kids

    Built a memorial marker today for one of our cats that lost the battle with cancer . He was a special part of our family. He will and is greatly missed leaving a hole in both my wife and my hearts, Rest Easy David we will always Love You Boy !
  10. wakeupcall

    Bonnie and Clyde Spotted in Afterworld Joy Ride

    Wife and I went road tripping this weekend and spotted a pretty goulish sight. Tucker and occupants have seen a better life. Pretty Cool Anyways!!
  11. wakeupcall

    Close Call on Making McCall Gathering

    Had a close call at work on 1-31-17. A flash fire at one of my gas wells, caused some fairly serious burns to my face and hands. I am healing pretty good and hoping to still make it to Mc Call. :biggrin:
  12. wakeupcall

    Soldier Park Bighorn Mountains

    Thanks for sharing. Love the mountains and the streams. Beautiful country you get to enjoy. Looks similar to the forests here in Colorado. :smile:
  13. wakeupcall

    Sheep Camp Glamping

    Just bought this old sheep herders camp at a farm auction and spent the last month rebuilding it . Turned out pretty cool and comfy. Added wood stove and 2 burner propane cook top a new pillow top matress new paint and wood flooring on inside. Exterior got a set of new tires ,steps, paint ...
  14. wakeupcall

    Super Imp Sunday

    :smile:0Made a quick trip into cabin . Cleaned out snow at gate and shoveled off upper and lower decks. Beautiful day up at 9000 feet was in the fortys. Blower worked better than i figured it would , made short work of snow removal at gate . Here is a few pics .
  15. wakeupcall

    Super Imp Cabin Outting

    Got the Super Imp out today and went into our cabin to shovel off decks ,and just get some new gas through carburetor. Was a beautiful day and temps were around 40 degrees up at 9000 feet . Built a fire and had some lunch and hot chocolate! Here are a few pics and I will try to load a video...
  16. wakeupcall

    Christmas Time In Lander Wyoming Circa 1900

    Photo was posted on Facebook. Pretty cool mode of transportation.:biggrin:
  17. wakeupcall

    1963 Tucker 443 AMR Resto-Mod

    Aquired these two beautiful Tuckers in February 2015. Have been concentrating my efforts on the smurf colored unit. Hope to have it up and running by winter !! Will post pictures as work progresses. Lots of work but will be really neat when done. Her are a few pics .
  18. wakeupcall

    A Year Ago Today.....

    One year ago today we lost our brother-n-law Wesley Hawkins and two other men, Danny Nichols and his father Clancy Nichols, in one of the largest land slides in the state of Colorado. Today we paid tribute to them. There was a memorial erected at the cemetery that overlooks the slide that took...
  19. wakeupcall

    February Tucker Trip

    Just a few pictures to help make it through the summer season. Took the Tucker up on the mountain for a day run back in february. Was a beautiful day !
  20. wakeupcall

    1974 Tucker in Colorado Mountains

    Took the Tucker out for a drive today. What a beautiful day. Close to 50 degrees...snow is melting fast. Great time!