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  1. redsqwrl

    Ebay Kitten

    that is a good one. I hope that never dies.....
  2. redsqwrl

    * 2022 Snow Cat Clowder * February 3-6, Bessemer Michigan.

    It is that time of the year again to put out the message and open invite. *Clowder in the powder, 2022* Event is a centrally located snow cat outing or Get Together in Bessemer MI. This Region of the USA gets a significant amount of lake effect snow off of lake superior. 4-5 hours north of...
  3. redsqwrl

    Ebay Kitten

    If you were bidding and lost out on this cat. Call me. I have a round door 6V unmolested. I can drill holes and buy some amazon led's and put a crappy exhaust pipe up the back for just a little extra.
  4. redsqwrl

    Round Door Kitten Restoration

    the story I got was the 8-10hp motors were scaled down model A motors. Europe had a vehicle registration prices set against the engine size. When ford and thames came together these engines came about. 10 tractor hp surprises a lot of people that don't know the difference between torque and...
  5. redsqwrl

    Question for all you 601 operators out there

    steel to aluminum grouser to floor
  6. redsqwrl

    1965 Thiokol 601 Budget Restoration/Resurrection

    That weatherby had a weak moment about a year ago or so...... He was being all mature and stuff and cleaning out clutter.....It was an timing thing. so yes the tooling is not lost to the scrappers. I have a bunch to make myself and we can chat about logistics. Im in WI 54913 The backing plate...
  7. redsqwrl

    Mn outdoors, aka bogie

    Well indeed it must be true. To echo the sentiment posted above, yes this is a bummer. Most every relationship I have created in this silly over the snow hobby has a connection to Boggie. I have bought and sold and bartered and Bid with and against brad. ( he is more generous than words can...
  8. redsqwrl

    Question for all you 601 operators out there

    I step on the track mid span. if the grousers spank the inside easy too loose. if they don't hit at all under my 200 lbs too tight. having them equal and a tick loose is about right
  9. redsqwrl

    welcome back. glad you got in know write down your credentials, on a post it note, right out in...

    welcome back. glad you got in know write down your credentials, on a post it note, right out in the open.
  10. redsqwrl

    Imp for sale. Not mine just posting from Facebook

    just noticed that is a 5 man cab... not a full cab... js
  11. redsqwrl

    Thiokol 2100 Hydraulic Pump and Blade Upgrade

    I have both, in the barn upstairs. 8-) If I remember it the next time i am out there I will dig them out.
  12. redsqwrl

    The Strange Story of John DeLorean's Snowcat Factory

    The story was missing a prime opportunity to rip on the YUGO. He managed to mess up a otherwise comical piece of motoring history. I was Kind of surprised to not see the saga of the yugo in your article.
  13. redsqwrl

    1965 Thiokol 601 Budget Restoration/Resurrection

    Mr moose has it spot on, having met him and toured his enterprise, let him know you are a contributor here at FF's he takes care of forum members. MIke
  14. redsqwrl

    Can’t wait to get out on the snow.

    welcome aboard,, remember its best to have a parts cat;)
  15. redsqwrl

    ST4 Tracks & Sprockets

    the fluted pulley is a capstan. Wrap a rope around it a 1/2 dozen times or so and give it a gentle pull, the rope sinches (sp) tight and it will pull onto itself when you let off the tension the rope will just slide around. You have great control wet or dry. the number of wraps are your pull...
  16. redsqwrl

    ST4 Tracks & Sprockets

    Well, If I can assist. I can get new two band wheel guides from couchloafer (FF member) for $10 plus or minus a couple bucks ( US ) I have bought many and you are right there are many hammer blows necessary to straighten one..... Kevins wheel guides are perfect, galvanized and generally in...
  17. redsqwrl

    What is it? Sorry for the bad pic. Rear engine. He is asking $15000

    Im in on the beauty is in the eye of the beholder. way back at the beginning of my disease. I passed on a couple of these just on looks alone. Now after stumbling into not only one but two of these beauties I actually like them, I don't like people so when folks want to ride along, I say sure...
  18. redsqwrl

    U Joint Strap assistance needed

    im buying some cushman t case parts. and they are all coming back on meritor letter head. fabco/ cushman/ all now meritor........ Three different series of part numbers. kind of like your hunt above.