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  1. Adillo303

    Maxwell documents are here. Enjoy
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    Do we now have a civil war or a revolution.

    With an "Autonomous Zone establishes in Seattle, does that qualify as a civil war or a revolution. Whoever, with intent to cause the overthrow or destruction of any such government, prints, publishes, edits, issues, circulates, sells, distributes, or publicly displays any written or printed...
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    She has no idea how it got there.
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    San Francisco declares the NRA a domestic terrorist organization

    I cannot wait to see the fallout from this.
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    Did any of you realize that you are a product?

    I found this unsettling.
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    Bandsaw question

    There seem to be people here that know s bunch about most subjects, so here goes. I bought a 14" Rigid bandsaw when I started woodworking. It served me well. On a laser, I installed a 6" inch riser block. The Grizzly one fits perfectly and is cheap enough. Again, it has worked well. Now I had...
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    Even wild animals hate ISIS Just to start your day with a chuckle.
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    Saturday evening entertainment

    I just read today that 46℅ of the nation in favor of impeaching Trump. I get mixed reviews on Pence. With that said, if I was worth whatever Trump is and had the earnings potential he has. I would be apt to look at the whole situation and say " Fuck you all!!!" The Whitehouse is a downgrade...
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    Michael Moore offers to pay fines

    For electors that vote against Trump. Isnt that tampering with an election?
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    Now that Wisconsen is going to recount. What do you see as the odds of a reversal of the election?
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    After the election

    This could be more interesting than the election. Hillary is elected - Obama issues a presidential unconditional pardon. Anyone wanna bet? Trump is elected - It boggles the mind what he might do. Let's see........ His own party shunned him. Hilarry dissed him bad. The media openly attempted...
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    Might this be "The Plan"?

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    Looking for honest opinions, please

    My question is this - Does the US Constitution only bind the government, or, does it also bind the people and corporations? Why I am asking. I have read of a lot of people's lives being adversely effected by social media. Recently a woman posted a Facebook comment which was taken by several...
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    Brexit confusion

    I read before the vote that it was a non binding referendum. So, the referendum passed and the people spoke. Then the people said Wait, can we have a Mulligan on that hole? (I thought it was non binding) Now, it is being treated like it was a binding referencum and "Let's get on with it." It...
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    I hope it's not true

    I just read that Hillary - Michelle (Obama) is the Dem's 2016 ticket. I also read that Sarah Palin is on Trump's short list. Well ............. Don't you love farce? My fault, I fear. I thought that you'd want what I want... Sorry, my dear! And where are the clowns Send in the clowns Don't...
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    I guess playing dressup didn't work out so well. You cannot make this stuff up.
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    Here is my theory

    Hillary gets the needed delegates. Obama issues a presidential pardon and....... We're off. Country goes bonkers, elects Trump, who is assinated and a player to be named later (Rubio?) Is the new president.
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    Can the GOP stop Trump if he gets 1237

    That is the question.
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    I've got the answer to all the bathroom hollabalou.

    It's simple really. Constitutional carry. Everyone would feel comfortable. How about it?
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    This is just confusing - Maybe not - LOL

    We have this presidential election process going on. Gone are the days where the prospective candidates discussed issues that were relevant to the people. That has been replaced by "Vote for me, because, I'm less of a scumbag than the other one." The republican process is much more screwed up...