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  1. marchplumber

    Back up lights for M923

    I will be installing some 24v L.E.D. lights on the M923 soon to be used as back up lights. Had to do a vehicle recovery the other night during a snow storm and it was quite evident that back up lights would be quite nice. So, taking the hint from necessity I will be installing them as soon as...
  2. marchplumber

    Pearl Harbor Day

    "December 7th, a date that will live in infamy!" Remembering those brave men and women who died this day, those many years ago. "The Greatest Generation" has my respect and admiration for their courage and drive to see things "right"! My father and uncles fought in WWII. My son makes the...
  3. marchplumber

    m1009 glow plugs

    I just changed the glow plugs and relay on my M1009. Relay tested bad, but g.p. test "ok" for the most part. Went with an ST 85 four post relay from O'Reilly auto parts and AC Delco AC 60G Glow plugs. Gotta LOVE the back ones on both sides!! LOL Got em out from the underside of the blazer...
  4. marchplumber

    WTB troop seats, bows, and cover

    I am looking for troops seats, bows, and cover for a M 923a1 five ton cargo truck. Prefer woodland tri-color, but would do tan if price was right. I am located in central Illinois, 61523. Thanks for looking!:w00t2: God bless, Tony
  5. marchplumber

    a few more pics of MV around here

    A few more pics and a creed that I saw on a plaque in San Diego that really caught my attention! Hope ya all enjoy. God bless, Tony
  6. marchplumber

    pics of a few of the trks/trailers

    Here are the before mentioned pics of some of the stuff around here. Enjoy God bless, Tony
  7. marchplumber

    new here

    Salutations everyone! I am new to the forum and wanted to say "hi"! I own several M series US military trucks and trailers. Have been a member of another forum for years and lookin for a different outlook. Feel free to drop a note or send a pm. I am NOT a professional, but have turned a...