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  1. mikemikelle

    The Diesel Bros had a big cat secret....and its a doozie!!!!

    Sorry if this has been previously posted- Big lesson here!
  2. mikemikelle

    Antarctic fun

    Watch the great dismount of the big wheeled wonder
  3. mikemikelle

    Snotrac in WA. The new mafia is taking prospects
  4. mikemikelle

    Anybody ever wonder about avalanches?

    Something catters need to watch out for too, wait for it!!
  5. mikemikelle

    New Tucker 1-1-0
  6. mikemikelle

    A cure for tracked UTV envy

    I'm cured! Slow is the new fast
  7. mikemikelle

    Get yer undies in a bind o'er these 743's

    Not sure this has been up yet, sorry if I missed prior
  8. mikemikelle

    The award winning Roy G. Biv Bully Ballet

    Hadn't seen this rainbow posted before?
  9. mikemikelle

    Adventures of the USMC, Bridgport, CA

    The other G(jr)Moose is currently away at Marine Corp boot camp. Maybe he'll be excited to learn that there is a special place for snowcat enthusiasts within the Corp... The Marine Corp Mountain Warfare Training Center in Bridgeport, CA., one of the Marines most remote and isolated posts...
  10. mikemikelle

    Thiokol Imp Bogey support arm

    So I have not torn into this yet, due to a current snowstorm hitting us north of Seattle. Curious if anyone has had a bogey support arm (proper name?) break before? Suspect that when I dig in, I'll find a fatigue crack (with existing rust, meaning it has been growing over time) where the arm...
  11. mikemikelle

    Bombi for Sale Enumclaw WA

    Not mine
  12. mikemikelle

    Simple and terrifying

    May be a way to speed up the orange ones
  13. mikemikelle

    LS Swap Youtube video

    Not sure if this has been posted yet Part two:
  14. mikemikelle

    not mine; maybe the price is right
  15. mikemikelle

    Proper Tucker tie down

    As some of you may know, my neighbor just purchased the beautiful Tucker 442 that was for sale on Ebay. He is new to snowcats, and I am new to Tucker. Any advice on the do's and dont's of trailering? Proper tie down techniques? Have heard straps instead of chains, proper location for these...
  16. mikemikelle

    80 ton Russian articulated rigs

    A cool video on Russsian rigs, similar to Haaglunds, being used in the Arctic
  17. mikemikelle

    Broken tucker at the USMC Training center

    Not sure if this has been posted before
  18. mikemikelle

    Snowcat usage or abuse-age? Happy Thanksgiving!
  19. mikemikelle

    Endless Winter

    Not sure if this has been posted before, but I'm pretty sure this is Sno-drifter following the white stuff! Can't quite make out who's driving, though?
  20. mikemikelle

    Darn near giveaway