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  1. mikemikelle

    Took Mother out for Valentines

    Looks good!! Got the Slowometer up to aboot 8 KPH eh?
  2. mikemikelle

    Insurance for our toys?

    I insure my Imp (as a 1974 Thiokol, not sure if it is ORV or what?) thru my Allstate agent. I tried to value it at $20,000 stated, but it is an "Indemnified" policy, which my agent tells me is what the current market value is for one in like condition (so approximately the same). I also have...
  3. mikemikelle

    sno(w) cat serenade, march 13-16, 2020

    Hey, that's the picture from the "start" of the B-Main! Notice how the photo is cropped to cut out the "forced" backward starting position of Sno-surfer's 500. I know the Don of that mob is 3rd from right!
  4. mikemikelle

    The Diesel Bros had a big cat secret....and its a doozie!!!!

    Sorry if this has been previously posted- Big lesson here!
  5. mikemikelle

    Gmoose Adventures

    That jack is brilliant!
  6. mikemikelle

    Gmoose Adventures

    Really interested to see where the cab forward and the thiokol ride
  7. mikemikelle

    Antarctic fun

    Watch the great dismount of the big wheeled wonder
  8. mikemikelle

    Snotrac in WA. The new mafia is taking prospects
  9. mikemikelle

    Richie Bros. SLC

    Thiokol uses it too
  10. mikemikelle

    sno(w) cat serenade, march 13-16, 2020

    Chapter 2- Event Update A quick shout-out and “Thank You” to one of our event sponsors, Citri-dull. Also known for their “Burn-Thru” technology, don’t’ fight rust, let it Blossom! Tucker uses them, maybe you should think about it- In my lead up, I forgot to mention scandal. That word has...
  11. mikemikelle

    50k IMP

    Or you cam go stainless polished from a vintage tractor supply house. The one I chose would be too small probably, but with a little research you could probably find an appropriate one Here's the thread:
  12. mikemikelle

    Anybody ever wonder about avalanches?

    Something catters need to watch out for too, wait for it!!
  13. mikemikelle

    sno(w) cat serenade, march 13-16, 2020

    Hey Snowcat fans- Chapter 1- The Sun Valley Snowcat Serenade While some of you were stuck at home to watch NASCAR last weekend, or sulk about the lack of snow, or hid inside due to the impending doom created by the importation of that poor Chinese knock off of Corona.....a bunch of us...
  14. mikemikelle

    Thiokol Imp Bogey support arm

    Suspected a prior repair, and found a solid 1 1/4" square rod inside the tube, with a fresh break (That was the "pop" we heard and felt). After speaking to a few folks with broken arm experience, it is definitely a known and frequent design flaw. To simply replace as original is asking for...
  15. mikemikelle

    New Tucker 1-1-0
  16. mikemikelle

    Thiokol Imp Bogey support arm

    It is indeed a "Frame", meaning I've been Framed! Worse than I had originally thought. Looks to be a very poor prior repair. Easy enough to fix if someone was doing a restoration job, but really difficult to do on a small scale- fuel tank, driveline tube, riveted belly pan, tracks, etc. all in...
  17. mikemikelle

    A cure for tracked UTV envy

    I'm cured! Slow is the new fast
  18. mikemikelle

    Cool video

    Funny you mention....Ken Block and I were just out last week
  19. mikemikelle

    Get yer undies in a bind o'er these 743's

    Not sure this has been up yet, sorry if I missed prior