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  1. Melensdad

    What are you drinking tonight?

    I just poured a dram of REBEL 10year Special Reserve. It is their limited release 100 proof bourbon. Rebel is inexpensive bourbon so even the limited release is a bargain compared to many brands.
  2. Melensdad

    What are you doing today, 2021 edition

    We had a large flowerbed that was literally overrun with weeds. Hundreds of them, waist high. The flower bed is on the wrong side of the fence, in an area that is basically out of sight. We couldn't grow grass there so we turned it into a flower bed. This spring we just didn't get to it and...
  3. Melensdad

    screw the Olympics

    Actual poster at the Tokyo Olympics
  4. Melensdad

    Sandy's First Look at the Ford F-150 Lightning Electric Truck!

    Last week I saw that Tesla may not actually be able to get their truck into production for another year? That is probably very good news for Ford. Ford will have the whole market to themselves for a little while longer, and that will help get them a firm foothold.
  5. Melensdad

    screw the Olympics

    I love all the new Olympic "sports" that are debuting in Tokyo
  6. Melensdad

    Corona Virus spreading ... US official says no need to worry

    SWEDEN has a fairly small population but an extraordinarily high vaccination rate, especially among the older populations, which are generally at greater risk. Nice to see they have ZERO deaths. Probably largely because they have so many vaccinated people. Israel also is high vaccinated but...
  7. Melensdad

    Hi. Im Olivia

    Transport laws for firearms vary by state. You need to follow your state laws. If you don't have a license to carry the gun then most states will require that the gun be transported UNLOADED and in a secured container or in the trunk of your car. Some states require the ammunition be...
  8. Melensdad

    Hi. Im Olivia

    Nickname for a revolver is "wheel gun" Made in Brazil means it is probably a Taurus brand gun. They are a large manufacturer in Brazil with lots of customers in the US.
  9. Melensdad

    Corona Virus spreading ... US official says no need to worry

    And for the old folks. Israel, the nation which is the most vaccinated in the world, and which vaccinated their older people faster than any other nation, we have a lot of news reports. Already noted, people who got vaccinated in December/January have less resistance to Delta than people who...
  10. Melensdad

    Canadian - USA border is opening for tourism

    Well now we have a possible workers strike by the Canadian border agents to add into the mix. So the border may open but, effectively be closed due to a strike?
  11. Melensdad

    Wisconsin & Maryland discovers shocking election anomalies; DOJ declares vaccine mandates legal

    FWIW, only the COURTS can declare a vaccine mandate to be legal. The reality is that the FDA approved vaccines will be removed from "emergency approval" status over the next 5 to 7 months and converted to full approval status.
  12. Melensdad

    Corona Virus spreading ... US official says no need to worry

    Ok seriously, is there anyone on the planet earth who can explain this to me? Seriously WTF Did this guy just rob the Democratic Headquarters brain bank? If so he clearly got all their intelligence.
  13. Melensdad

    What are you doing today, 2021 edition

    Not much. It has been a rough week with the baby. He had high fevers on-and-off over the past several days. In the hospital emergency room twice. At the doctor's office twice. Ultimately we found out that he has Strep Throat and is allergic to penicillin. Of course they prescribed a...
  14. Melensdad

    Buying a new old boat,,,; Yeah it's a sickness

    Nice little boat. I was a member of the sailing club in college quite a few decades ago. My roommate's dad was a dealer for Islander and I think for Cape Dory. The Freedom Cat Ketch design always attracted me. Interesting concept, very different/ They had a 33 footer that I was in love...
  15. Melensdad

    Riding motorcycles to Nova Scotia? Or Route 66 to California? Or somewhere?

    Well we have a couple kinks that have hit our plans. Nova Scotia is still a possibility but we have some time limits. Dasha, my Russian fencer, is flying in to Chicago as scheduled, but she can't move into her dorm the day we had planned to move her in. So there is a 3 day delay in moving...
  16. Melensdad

    Mini Air Compressor

    Just ordered one of these "Stop & Go" mini air compressors for carrying on my motorcycle. I hope it works. There are a lot of good reviews and some bad reviews too. I actually wanted a different compressor but it is out of stock and a new model is supposed to have been available this month...
  17. Melensdad

    Hi. Im Olivia

    One of my former fencing students/team captains is in Reston. I'm actually seeing her this weekend, but she is coming back here instead of me going to Virginia. I used to get to that area of the country but not so much anymore. Virginia is a pretty cool state, lots of history, very diverse...