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  1. Melensdad

    Mini Air Compressor

    Just ordered one of these "Stop & Go" mini air compressors for carrying on my motorcycle. I hope it works. There are a lot of good reviews and some bad reviews too. I actually wanted a different compressor but it is out of stock and a new model is supposed to have been available this month...
  2. Melensdad

    New conservative leaning news source

    For many years the DRUDGE REPORT was a leading news aggregator that provided a conservative headline, plus link, to news stories from all over the world. The story could have been a liberal leaning story, but the headline was always provocative and pointed out the conservative message buried...
  3. Melensdad

    15% higher food prices by October 2020

    Major food suppliers are warning of even higher prices. At least one supermarket chain owner is projecting a minimum of 10% higher prices by October and probably 15% is reasonable on most food items. We have been intentionally letting our food supply drop down. We are at 50% of our pandemic...
  4. Melensdad

    Howdy I find the correct paint code for my car?

    I need some touch up paint for Melen's red 2010 VW Jetta. In 2010 there were 4 red options for the Jetta. 2 were metallic, 2 were not. So I know her paint is not metallic but I don't know how to find the correct red. Anyone have any insight?
  5. Melensdad

    Canadian - USA border is opening for tourism

    Starting in early August, tourism between the US and Canada will resume. OFFICIAL WEBSITE: And a story that basically explains what is happening: OTTAWA — Prime Minister Justin...
  6. Melensdad

    Keystone XL Pipeline suing the government for $15 BILLION

    TC Energy is suing the Biden administration over a "breach of the United States' free trade obligations." Well I have to wonder if Biden's decision to cancel the pipeline, on his first day in office, is going to bite him in the ass with teeth as hard as a pit bull's? This was a job killer...
  7. Melensdad

    Texas Democrats, fled TX on private plane to prevent a political vote, test POSITIVE for Covid

    Yup, they were MASKLESS Yup, they are HYPOCRITES Yup, they didn't follow the rules that 'commoners' MUST follow when flying. A group of Texas Democratic politicians fled the state, on a private plane, and now they are spreading Covid among themselves because they didn't do what we, as...
  8. Melensdad

    Marijuana legalization to become a Senate Priority

    Not posting this in the political area because this is a bi-partisan issue, although it is the Democrats that are leading in the US Senate on the issue. I'm posting it here because it seems like it is more of a crime, drug, recreational and even economic discussion rather than one of pure...
  9. Melensdad

    Georgia's Fulton Co ballot images prompt speculation of "Proveable Fraud"

    In Georgia's close election, could provable fraud in Fulton County have provided enough fraudulent votes for Joe Biden to win the state? Interesting article, interesting video evidence from Tucker Carlson at the end of the article. You need to follow the link to see the videos as they are...
  10. Melensdad

    "Ryobi Days" sales . . . I know there are better tools but damn

    Years ago, when battery tools were starting to come out I bought some Milwaukee and some Ryobi tools. The Milwaukee was a 9.6volt drill, the battery was a cylinder and the tool was rock solid. Not sure what the Ryobi tool was, but it was an 18volt, might have been a knock off Sawsall that I...
  11. Melensdad

    World Cup Soccer - England vs Italy in today's final

    Anyone here a soccer fan? Bets on who is going to win? England :British_f is playing Italy :poto: My sister is a big fan, rooting for England. Many schools around England are allowing classes to start late tomorrow morning as the match starts at 8pm in London. England last won 55 years ago
  12. Melensdad

    New Motorcycle Helmet Safety Standard coming for 2023 -- ECE 22-06

    Here in the USA we have very lax safety standards on motorcycles, and this new standard does NOT change anything for Americans who only ride in the USA. However over 50 nations use the ECE standard. Canada uses a hybrid system, some areas accept the DOT + ECE standards, other areas only allow...
  13. Melensdad

    Just how divided are these United States?

    Interesting to see how, 1 nation of 50 states, can exist when the opinions on its direction are so divided when asked if the country is going in the "right" or the "wrong" direction. If you look at the 2 main parties you very clearly see that they are near polar opposites in their views. But...
  14. Melensdad

    Grizzly Bear kills bicyclist in Montana

    Be careful out there! They broke several safety rules. Full story at link: Bear pulls woman out of her tent, kills her in Montana HELENA Mont. (AP) — A...
  15. Melensdad

    One of the best TEAM USA athletes just got suspended for smoking weed

    There are some interesting questions to be posed here. Many states have decriminalized smoking pot, others have outright legalized it. But it is still illegal on the federal level. So the Americans follow the federal laws for our Olympic athletes. Many of us also yell and scream about how...
  16. Melensdad

    Indiana Rye Whiskey is now a legal term just like Tennessee Whiskey

    Indiana Rye Whiskey is now a legal marketing definition/term. Sort of like Tennessee Whiskey is just a term for Bourbon made in Tennessee, Indiana Rye Whiskey is just a term for rye whiskey made in the state of Indiana. But most people don't realize that Indiana makes a lot of rye whiskey...
  17. Melensdad

    CLARKSON'S FARM, the TV series on Amazon Prime

    For those of you who are members of Amazon Prime I'd like to recommend a streaming TV series. The series is called CLARKSON'S FARM. Jeremy Clarkson of the TV show TOP GEAR, which had 3 guys doing totally stupid/fun things with cars, happens to own a farm and he actually lives on the farm. The...
  18. Melensdad

    Pope Francis in hospital for surgery

    This appears to be a scheduled non-emergency surgery on his large intestine. Still, at 84 years old, any surgery can be a serious risk. As leader of the Catholic Church many will be praying for as successful surgery. Full story at the link...
  19. Melensdad

    World's Heaviest Adventure Motorcycles (VIDEO) humor shows the truth

    My motorcycle is barely an Adventure Touring motorcycle, its pretty much a wimp in the category as it is not really designed for heavy off-road use, but I wonder why it weighs so much. Mine is 525# wet. Compare that to a 800-900 pound Harley Davidson or Indian and mine seems like a...
  20. Melensdad

    SCOTUS Upholds Arizona Election Law

    First notice the NBC headline claiming it is a restrictive law … but the SCOTUS just ruled it is not! Secondly brace yourselves for a partisan series of attacks. Full story at the link but it only provides opinions of liberal politicians and liberal groups upset over the law being upheld...