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    Snow Motor

    The attached Iron Fireman Co. promotional photo supplied to the US Department of Ordinance does support the Ford engine installation as the spark plug spacing and wiring conduit are clearly Ford as opposed to Dodge. The Iron Fireman Co. was in business from 1923 until 2011 manufacturing all...
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    WTS:Tuckers for sale

    Museum projects: Tucker 423 and 443 for sale. 423 has tracks inside though not pictured and has fiberglass skis. Hasn't run for probably 20 years. Needs total restore. Former power company machine from Idaho. 443 ran good ten years ago. Needs rollers and attention on tracks. Steering cylinder...
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    WTS Cushman Tracksters

    Two Cushman Tracksters. One is complete but bad engine (no compression) and sun-bleached. Tracks are tired and cracked. Second has decent fiberglass and factory cab but no engine and missing some controls. Tracks are nothing special but could be run. Good project for 4 stroke conversion with...
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    WTS Catigator

    If you grew up on a farm and you like Versatile Swathers, you're gonna love the familiar drivetrain of the Catigator. From the Wisconsin V4 to the variable speed belt driven clutches to the all steel construction. And it is still amphibious or so they say. Tracks are decent. Ran great when...
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    1964 IMP value

    I have someone interested in a 64 IMP I have had for a while and done nothing with and likely won't so I'm thinking of selling it. I have to move it regardless as I'm selling the property so am curious if I'm in the ballpark. It was a utility company owned unit and the Wisconsin engine looks and...
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    VW Snocat Project

    This machine sat in northern Idaho for years and was then purchased by a VW enthusiast who had big plans for it but supposedly his wife cut off the money and later they were tradgically killed in an auto accident. I know the guy that was doing the restoration and he ended up with it and offered...
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    Found this on Ebay

    I hope this link will work. Interesting rig.
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    What should I look for when buying a Kristi ?

    I know this will generate lots of comments here like "pychological help" for instance, but here's the deal. I had the chance to buy a Kristi several years ago as a basket case but had new tracks to go with and supposedly a recent overhauled engine. I passed because the guy was kind of shady and...
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    Help Identify this Snowcat that followed me home!

    Re: Guess The Make And Model Snow Cat I guess I will open myself up for the same criticism as Big Al gave you because I bought a Snocat and now have to ask if anyone on here knows anything about it. It is a Porterbuilt. About the size of a Thiokol Imp, Ford Indstrl 4 cyl, hydrostatic drive...