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  1. Kristi Kt-4

    Duluth Trading
  2. Kristi Kt-4

    LMC 1500

    Not mine.... Already in McCall ready for the event in February! :slider3:
  3. Kristi Kt-4

    1989 Tucker 2000 W/drag

    Posting for a friend.... The Krecji City Cruisers of Central Wisconsin are selling their Tucker 2000. The machine is in excellent operating condition with 2600 hours. It has the 170HP Cummins diesel with an Allison automatic transmission. 6 way blade and a 9.5 ft drag. They are asking 18k obo...
  4. Kristi Kt-4

    Excel Hustler

    Not mine... It looks like a nice machine....
  5. Kristi Kt-4

    Tucker Working

    This was from yesterday....
  6. Kristi Kt-4

    Mini Snowcat Not mine, but looks like Track Addict needs this for his boys to groom with!
  7. Kristi Kt-4

    Out for a midweek jaunt

    Took the 1970 442 out today.... Plenty of snow and conditions were great! The Tucker looked like a toy next to the Terex dozer. It has twin 6 cyl Detroits with superchargers! :wow:
  8. Kristi Kt-4

    Interesting Tucker

    I found this video on youtube and curious if anyone can shed some light on the steering system? I am guessing that this is a prototype machine?
  9. Kristi Kt-4

    Rolling Tucker

    I went over to Big Powderhorn Mountain today to do some rolling on the hill! There was 2 foot of fresh powder from Wednesday night lake effect so the conditions were great. Had a blast and was able to meet up with Denmark219. I am not sure if he realizes it yet, but...... he has been infected by...
  10. Kristi Kt-4

    Tucker hunting

    I was asked by a neighbor to help out his friend at hunting camp who put portable blinds out and trail cams before the snow came. With no way to retrieve them until spring we took the 442 out today..... We are supposed to get another 20 inches by tomorrow afternoon! :wow:
  11. Kristi Kt-4

    Bathtub on the snow!

    I was able to get my Kristi Kt-4 out yesterday. This is the first time in roughly 20 years that it has been on the snow. For you non-believers it was under its own power and here is a link to a video.... Kristi Kt-4 - YouTube
  12. Kristi Kt-4

    Tucker Fun

    Took my Tucker 442 out this afternoon for a short ride and put it to work.... We have 20+ inches on the ground and it is still coming down. I was skeptical about moving it but it did and I have witnesses! :brows:
  13. Kristi Kt-4

    Kristi on the move

    I was able to get my Kt-4 running and driving this past weekend. A couple suprises when lubricating/greasing it but thats expected. But..... let me tell ya, what a fun rig to drive! It is family friendly so no one is left behind. :w00t2:
  14. Kristi Kt-4

    Look at what the cat spotted!

    I received this picture from a friend in southern Wisconsin. I think this is the kitten that recently sold on Ebay in Montana. Great to see it loaded up and on its way to its new home. :w00t2:
  15. Kristi Kt-4

    Tucker Time

    Just a few pics from yesterday with the 1970 442 before our snow is gone for the season. We received about 15 inches on Thursday, but it was melting fast at 55 degrees.