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    DMC 1450 Track Tension and Wheel Guide Question

    I answered my own question today. Took it all apart, figured out the grease piston assembly.
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    DMC 1450 Track Tension and Wheel Guide Question

    Sorry to highjack, but this thread causes me to ask what is the correct tightening/loosening method for these 1450? I recently aquired a 1979 1450, need to do some track work. It has the square within a square, with bolt through the big tubing as shown in the pics. Do you stretch it forward...
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    Super Imp year model identification

    Thanks, exactly what I wanted to learn. Thanks again
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    Super Imp year model identification

    I just bought a Super Imp S/N T9C-1255. Curious if anyone has info on what year model it is? Thanks
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    1950 Thiokol snowcat!

    What am I looking at here? denver for sale "snowcat" - craigslist
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    On Ebay : OC4 Slave Cylinder Drive Axle OC12, Fits Spryte Standard Track

    I sleuthed around till I ran across this kit. Looks like it would fit the Imp 1404 slave cylinder. Has anyone tried this? Wagner Repair Kit Part F33124 for Slave Cylinder Part F26022 Casting # FE21637 Includes 3 Parts: Boot Neoprene Ring Locking Ring: F33124: Industrial & Scientific
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    WTB - Hagglunds

    I saw one last week at La Junta Colorado at this business Terry Lee Enterprises: Home Page 2014
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    IMP carburetor replacement

    Mark Ashcroft in Oregon sells a carb rebuild kit for the Solex 28/32PDSIT-4 carb.
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    1404 IMP shift badge/tag

    I’m getting to know the machine to see what it needs. It was used on a ranch, stored in a barn & only used every 10 years when the big blizzards hit. So far ive given it a carburetor kit, valve adjustment, new plug wires, new heater core. Brake band inspection & adjustment, & ordered a new set...
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    1404 IMP shift badge/tag

    That's cool, I just bought Imp #777
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    WTB 1404 Imp front track idler

    I made contact by a vendor, got it solved. thanks
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    WTB 1404 Imp front track idler

    I need a front idler wheel and bearings to match the one in the pics. I recently bought the machine, it has one newer idler and one older one. The bearings are out on the older one. I've tried a couple of the better known vendors by phone with no luck. Hoping someone has one. Thanks
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    Soooooo, what’s your favorite side by side?

    I drive a Kubota 850 Sidekick
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    WTB - Thiokol Imp Wide Track Trailer

    I bought my Imp from a guy at Baggs Wyoming. It came with a trailer but I left the trailer with him. It needed tires and work and I had my own trailer. I don't remember if it was for a wide or narrow track Imp, just know it was an Imp trailer. If you feel like chasing it down I can get his info...
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    Towing an Imp with OC-4

    I recently looked at a Thiokol Imp to purchase. The transmission was locked in gear, so we discussed towing it onto the trailer. We put the rear transaxle in neutral and tried to tow the Imp backwards. The tracks only skidded in gravel, even with the rear transaxle in neutral. Is this normal? Is...
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    tires for a 1973 Imp snowcat.

    I ordered two new ones with tubes from GCR tire chain. They were Carlisle brand
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    replacing wheels/tires

    I had 2 new ones ordered and installed a few weeks ago at GCR tire. They were Carlisle brand
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    Need a part for my 1404 Imp

    I bought a 1972 Imp and have been working through it's problems. This IMP has a homemade brake cam on the exterior of the rear differential. I borrowed a pic and circled the parts I need. Looks like a cam arm and a shim bushing? This is my first snowcat, learning as I go. Any chance someone...