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  1. LakeTucker

    2005 Bombardier BR 180 For sale with Mogul Master

    Not mine, But does belong to one of the local clubs. Maintained with open checkbook, I have operated this machine and it works as it should. Located in NH
  2. LakeTucker

    NH Catters take notice!

    Time to get them greased and ready, Mother Nature may be gracing us early this year! I drove up 45mins just so I could experience our first Snowfall today. Pics from Franconia Notch.
  3. LakeTucker

    BRIGHT Green Tucker with Flames???

    Ok, who was it.. Passed me in NH with Tucker in Tow, Bright, and I mean B R I G H T Green Tucker Pontoon style 422 or 423 maybe with Flames? Identify yourself...
  4. LakeTucker


    Any Catters happen to be traveling West to East this week with a spot on your trailer? Wisconsin to New England area? PM me for details
  5. LakeTucker

    RAM Truck Commercial

    Anyone else catch the Big Orange Machine in the latest Ram Truck commercial?
  6. LakeTucker

    Hello Forum! New guy here.

    Well, this hobby really should have come with a Warning Label. I have had many vehicular passions, never thought I would join this awesome club. However here I am finding myself drinking the Orange Koolaid. I have been cruising the forums, learning quite a bit, and enjoying many of your stories...