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  1. grizzer

    Hulk Hogan makesm115 million Erin only gets 55 M.

    I thought Gawker was expecting $5 M. Hulk can now afford several new girl friends
  2. grizzer

    Ahmed says "spit or..."

    Washington DC muslim dentist adds a little uninsured gas
  3. grizzer

    Run Bloomberg run

    Bloomberg runs spends a $ billion and gets 33% of the democrat votes Trump runs spends a $ billion and gets 33% of the democrat votes Hillary avoids indictment spends a $ billion and gets 33% of the democrat votes she then stuffs the ballot boxes for 1% more and wins All the republicans...
  4. grizzer

    The beast is back after 5 yr absence

    Pro grade Lenovo 17" laptop. $3600 mid grade price point, that can be dropped picked up and continued undisturbed.
  5. grizzer

    Trump skairt of "bimbo" Megyn Kelly

    Normal Trump indicator before getting mad and quitting...
  6. grizzer


    So's I was jammed up in traffic yesterday, and a stubby chunky car inched by that similar in size to mothers Saturn Vue. This had a NZ 300h on the hatch with a Lexus logo. Anyways I looked it up and it appears to be a bonafide gas/electric AWD 30-35 mpg city car. She insists being driven...
  7. grizzer

    Thermador fridge q's

    Is a premium 84" fridge really better quality durability wise. $8k for a fridge without ice & water seems a bit much. Does it last 3x longer? Also a Thermador gas stove with an electric oven that much better for baking? Is a dual fuel really the cats meow? I'm a beer & pizza cook so need some...
  8. grizzer


    NRC declassified reports confirm #4 spent fuel pool rods oxidized outgassed H2 and went boom. I seem to remember the roof went 5000 feet high.
  9. grizzer

    Woof -- MS buys 160ac in SA TX for

    Largest in country 1.2M SF data center!! Looks like USAF signal hill and others will have local candidates for employment in the snoopfest industry or as the academics renamed it "operational analytics"...
  10. grizzer

    Morgan Freeman blows a tire on takeoff

    No word on what he was doing in his jet.
  11. grizzer

    Dead Ambassador running guns to Syrian Rebels thrown under the bus at G20

    Putin heavy blackjack bombers from Rostov blasting rebels not ISIS after the foreign policy idiot has no solutions to his mess...’s-air-strikes-focus-first-on-rebels-next-on-ISIS-
  12. grizzer


    Al Rocker NBC is broadcasting a weather report in all fifty states in a week With help from Netjets the Warren Buffet corporate jet fleet...
  13. grizzer

    Interesting forum thread guy road trips in a corvette 5k miles around the SW US. Just for the drive :smile:
  14. grizzer

    Savage hatchet job on Carson continues on Politio Been noticing an uptick against Carson the last few days and this latest salvo definitely smells like organized...
  15. grizzer

    George Barris hollywood car builder dead at 90 What is Barrett Jackson gonna do now?
  16. grizzer

    SS file & suspend is going kaput within 6 mos

    Way for couples to file but suspend, then collecting spousal benefits for a cool $64K out of social security Those of us born post 1954 are screwed.
  17. grizzer

    Rentals on a massive scale & still segregated

    11,232 units for $5.3B Metlife held it from opening day 1947 to 2006, buyer went under in 2010 & resold now for about the same price although 42% greater cash flow. 25 year property tax abatement for Metlife probably doubled their yield...
  18. grizzer

    Quincy Ford dealer hires dozen teens/year to help sales & service tech

    And the dealer employees query the teens also Beats the low skill hamburger fryer 1st job
  19. grizzer

    Another $1.1 Billion ME arms boondoggle by the usurper

    CIA gives cash advance to bankrupt Egypt to buy 2 French assault carriers originally destined for the Russians. France now wants to sell more ships to Russia...
  20. grizzer

    Ryan O,Neill & Ali McGraw on tour age 76 & 74 Seniors still filling the seats