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  1. Mother Tucker

    Christmas light up

    All dressed up and no where to go. Had a bunch of lights squirreled away with no intent of ever usung them again,.. now look what I've done.
  2. Mother Tucker

    Southern British Columbia Cats?

    Any one got a cat in the area?
  3. Mother Tucker

    Fibreglass pontoons SOLD!!

    4 pontoons for sale , only a couple of pics right now more to follow. Red one is ready to run, other three need rebuilt, have new bottom plates and track run rails. have sprockets, have outer hubs, have tracks but not great shape, read many fubar rollers. Have small bucket of good rollers, 12...
  4. Mother Tucker

    Tucker Axle seal

    I'm having trouble finding an axle seal for my 57 443 Any one have a part number for me?