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    Bombi with Ford 1.6 L engine - 2 barrel carb?

    I have a Bombi with a Ford 1.6 liter engine and the stock single barrel carburetor. It's running well but it's a little under powered running at 8,000 ft above sea level. I'm interested in learning more about a 2 barrel carburetor option from anyone that's done a carburetor upgrade...
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    1983 Bombi charging system troubleshooting

    I have a 1983 project Bombi I bought a couple of years ago that I’m putting the finishing touches on. I’m currently trying to solve a charging system issue and could use an assist. The machine has the 60 amp alternator option which uses a Standard Motor Products external voltage regulator...
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    WTB Bombi tracked trailer

    Hi, I'm looking for a Bombi tracked trailer like the one pictured below. I was too late - Track Master has sold his. I'm looking for one located in the western US. Thanks!