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  1. Snowy Rivers

    Thiokol track adjuster cylinder repairs

    For anyone with the hydraulic track adjusters (Grease cylinders) Here are the part numbers for the seals needed The white sheet is the tubing needed to make new cylinders. One of mine was rusted all to hell.....Common me thinks. Simply toss the cylinder in the lathe...cut the weld off...tap out...
  2. Snowy Rivers

    Bearings...bearings and more bearings

    Our cats are just full of bearings....From the steering differentials to the track guide wheel hubs. Axles like the Tucker uses...or the OC12/C4 that the Thiokols use as well as other machines. WATER ENTRY is a common issue and within a short time will cause irreparable damage to the contact...
  3. Snowy Rivers

    3700 GROUSERS

    Can the 3700 tire guides be used on a 2100 ??? The bolt pattern and the width inside is the same What say ye ????
  4. Snowy Rivers

    Getting ready for winter

    I put the FrankenCat on hold for a couple days to get much of the winter heating materials in. NO IT'S NOT WOOD We run two pellet stoves here at the ranch and we feed them ground up hazelnut shells. We get the shells by the 3 yard dumpster full at the plant and then barrel them up in 55...
  5. Snowy Rivers

    Thiokol 2100 tire guides

    I am looking for a complete set of Thiokol 2100 Tire guides (Stock on the 57" tracks) I am not sure if the 3700 used the same tire guides MAYBE I need 72 guides Interested in whatever can be scrounged up I live in Newberg Oregon 97132 zip code PM ME HERE AND I WILL SEND A PHONE/TEXT...
  6. Snowy Rivers

    Thiokol Packmaster info needed

    Can anyone tell me anything about Thiokol Packmaster 2100 Serial number 601 Date built and any history of the machine. Thanks in advance. :thumbup:
  7. Snowy Rivers


    I am looking for a 5 bolt Thiokol wheel hub (Cast iron) Spryte or 2100 I have one that the seal bore got boogered up when the bearings failed..... PM ME IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING Snowy Newberg, Oregon 97132
  8. Snowy Rivers

    WTS C6 with disc brake assembly and drive shaft from 2100

    I have a complete C6 with the disc brake adapter assembly and all the trappings. Included is a complete drive shaft This is from a thiokol 2100. The tranny has water in are buying the adapters, disc brake equipment and the drive shaft. If there are parts in the tranny that are good...
  9. Snowy Rivers

    Thiokol 2100 B ID PLATE

    Where should the ID plate be located on the 2100 B I have not discovered the plate as yet and would like to save it and add it to the interior of the Van as the build nears completion. I assume the builders plate has such things as the model, serial number, mfg date....yada yada yada
  10. Snowy Rivers

    WTB- thiokol 2100 track guides

    I am looking for a complete set of track guides for one track for my 2100 These bolt to the grouser Any amount will help... I live near Newberg, Oregon 97132
  11. Snowy Rivers


    I have a pretty decent TILT CAB off of my 2100 for sale $800 The instrument panel is included with the cab. Included will be the lower firewall that the cab bolts to. The fore and aft firewall and bulkheads are welded to the tub. I will do my best to extricate these parts in top condition...
  12. Snowy Rivers

    WTS. Weasel Ring and pinion

    I have a brand new old stock Weasel M29 ring and pinion set FOR SALE Still in the Cosmoline GOOP $125 Local pickup or we can figure freight Location Newberg, Oregon 97132 (YAMHILL COUNTY) PM me and I will send cell number and address if you want to deal.
  13. Snowy Rivers

    Thiokol Spryte axles

    Curious about the rated axle capacity on the Thiokol Spryte with the torsion type axles and or the spring type used earlier. I know I have read someplace what these were rated at as far as carrying capacity. Any info would be sweet.
  14. Snowy Rivers


    Hey troops What size U JOINT fits the input yoke on the OC12 DIFFY Thanks
  15. Snowy Rivers

    Astro van cat conversion

    Hi all. My name is Snowy and I'm a retired machinist, welder, fabricator, field service engineer turned truck driver. I played with Snowmobiles years ago and on occasion drove the clubs Thiokol groomers. I always wanted to own a Thiokol Spryte, but never seemed to have time to gitterdone...