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    early tucker photos

    Add a Californian , an Idahoan and their Canadian import SnowTrac.
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    Helping the road crew ( to have a Sunday off)
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    1950 tucker sedan

    Time passes (much more) slowly up here in the mountains...Bob Dylan and then Judy Collins, 1970. Steve in McCall, Idaho and the 1949 Tucker Coupe’ “project”
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    1969 542 "Vista Cruiser" adoption

    Find the Vista Cruiser. And the original Sno Surfer Tucker. McCall, Idaho February 2017
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    Astro van cat conversion

    As a fellow Thiokol 2100b owner I am sure to need to refer to many of the pages of the tips, tricks and even the small mis-steps when ours finally goes under the resto lights, wrenches and hammers.
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    LMC1500 paint

    I have not found any touch-up paint. But... the front page of my original LMC1500 manual that came with the Cat , written in pencil "paint color Ditzler 71985". That is GM Fleet red 1972.
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    LMC 1500 track removal and tire replacement

    A few pieces from an old scissors jack, some c-channel, 12" of 2" square steel plus a few hours of fab and a mig welder and you're all set. 1985 LMC1500 track jack shown.
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    LMC 1500 in Gresham , Oregon

    Maybe a nice little LMC-1500 and Maxey trailer. Sold at auction in Portland last September for $24,500 and only put on 1.5 hours since then so be careful. 🙃
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    WTS 1981 DMC 1450 WT

    Are there any interior or engine pics? Steve in McCall, Idaho
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    Round Door Kitten Restoration

    Here is a link to the Anglia 100E owner’s club in the UK with a section on how to install an alternator on a 100e powered Tucker Kitten😉
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    Round Door Kitten Restoration

    WASP makes one to turn the engine over really fast. About 200£.
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    Round Door Kitten Restoration

    Our 57 Kitten has a 12 volt battery , Starter and Generator. It looks like the Ford Anglia 100e , the source of the kitten engine, had a 12 volt system from 1955.
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    1953 Tucker Sno Cat 443 Mt Washington WMTW Channel 8 Restoration

    This mini hand impact found on Amazon was surprisingly effective, after all the usual methods, in removing all the well frozen flat head screws on 1949 Tucker 422 Sophie. I found hardened small slotted bits too.
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    sno(w) cat serenade, march 10-16, 2021

    Not a Rocket Sled...yet. Maybe a Sprocket Rocket?
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    LMC1500 paint

    My post was a pot stirring remark. The fellow traveler that helped me find my LMC has a 1987 LMC1500 he bought new...uses it professionally for service, rescue and FUN. He has been offerd $50k and says it is not for sale.😎
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    LMC1500 paint

    Looks like they used GM WA9417. But maybe I will have to sell since it does not do too well on the snow...compared to the Tuckers.
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    LMC1500 paint

    Thanks to Tim at Remote Access and Brad at Minnesota Outdoors👍👍
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    LMC1500 paint

    Does anyone know if an industry standard paint color or code was used on the 1985 LMC1500? This one spent most of its life stored inside and shows little fading. But there are a few spots needing touch-up.
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    LMC 1500 emergency brake problem

    Could be just a frozen/corroded cable
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    LMC 1500 emergency brake problem

    Have you found what parts you will need?