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    Lord Please ....

    LOL, I'll pass.
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    I try not to get upset...

    You could get punched in the mouth!
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    I try not to get upset...

    I'd like to give you words of encouragement Joe, but it would be a lie. Several years ago I went to an auto parts store & asked for pressure plate bolts, his reply was "what's a pressure plate"? I just walked out, it's been downhill ever since.
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    Changes once you hit 60 or 70 ...

    Great advice, 73 this month & don't do drama, life is too short.
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    Donald Trump Elected President of the United States

    I hope not, some folks think there's a big hammer drop coming, I hope they're right.
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    Donald Trump Elected President of the United States

    You might be surprised how this turns out, keep the faith.
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    Donald Trump Elected President of the United States

    I see some familiar faces, long time no post!
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    Let me get this straight Oprah

    Emmett Till is murdered back in the fifties for flirting with a white woman & you piss on him memory by comparing him to that thug that attacked a neighborhood watch person & got his sorry ass shot? You make me wanna puke you stupid bitch!
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    New motorhome

    Well, not exactly a motorhome, but it's as close as I'm gonna get. Maybe in a year or two I can update what moves it around. I have to say though, a modified 12 valve Cummins with a NV5600 six speed pulls like a freight train.
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    2nd amendment petition, pass it on
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    Need a little advice

    Ok guys, my ailing IRA has recovered somewhat although not back to the level it was before the crash. I'm a money dumb ass and have trusted Smith Barney to handle my account for the last few years. I have a gut feeling they're more interested in their interests than mine, so here's my question...
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    Wax On
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    What's wrong with this picture?

    I live a mile south of the dam where this happened. I'd say wheels down for a water landing ain't good. Pilot was rescued, lady passenger not so lucky.
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    Al-Quada wins in Afghanistan!!

    Dateline: July 2011.
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    Political Correctness Kills Americans

    Some really strange crap is coming to light about the terrorist shooter at Ft. Hood. The guy said things at a conference about beheading non believers and pouring boiling oil down their throats. Did anybody turn him in? Nope! Didn't want to appear to be a "hater". Got news for ya folks, it's...
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    Epic FAIL

    Maybe next time Barry!!! Thanks for the carbon footprint contribution.:yum:
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    Some things explained.

    YouTube - Andrew Klavan: Are You A Racist? A Frank Conversation
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    The real Barry!

    Interesting take on "The One".