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    Let me get this straight Oprah

    Emmett Till is murdered back in the fifties for flirting with a white woman & you piss on him memory by comparing him to that thug that attacked a neighborhood watch person & got his sorry ass shot? You make me wanna puke you stupid bitch!
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    New motorhome

    Well, not exactly a motorhome, but it's as close as I'm gonna get. Maybe in a year or two I can update what moves it around. I have to say though, a modified 12 valve Cummins with a NV5600 six speed pulls like a freight train.
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    2nd amendment petition, pass it on
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    Need a little advice

    Ok guys, my ailing IRA has recovered somewhat although not back to the level it was before the crash. I'm a money dumb ass and have trusted Smith Barney to handle my account for the last few years. I have a gut feeling they're more interested in their interests than mine, so here's my question...
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    Wax On
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    What's wrong with this picture?

    I live a mile south of the dam where this happened. I'd say wheels down for a water landing ain't good. Pilot was rescued, lady passenger not so lucky.
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    Al-Quada wins in Afghanistan!!

    Dateline: July 2011.
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    Political Correctness Kills Americans

    Some really strange crap is coming to light about the terrorist shooter at Ft. Hood. The guy said things at a conference about beheading non believers and pouring boiling oil down their throats. Did anybody turn him in? Nope! Didn't want to appear to be a "hater". Got news for ya folks, it's...
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    Epic FAIL

    Maybe next time Barry!!! Thanks for the carbon footprint contribution.:yum:
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    Some things explained.

    YouTube - Andrew Klavan: Are You A Racist? A Frank Conversation
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    The real Barry!

    Interesting take on "The One".
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    Cool Camper
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    Hoyt Ultra Elite

    27" 60 lb. RN XT 2000 limbs Silver Flame w/12" silver flame doinker Winners Choice strings, Trophy Taker Spring Steel Spiral Cams. Spring Steel rest & Toxonics sight with 10 Easton Fatboy arrows. Loaded and ready to shoot. $500,+shipping. Lewisville, TX PM me if interested.
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    Custom off road trailer. It has a foam sandwiched aluminum top that can be used as a table with some legs I think I can find. The top is removable as is the hinged frame that it's sitting on if you don't want the lift up feature. The dimensions of the top are 46.5" X 75". I also have another...
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    86 CJ-7

    I am the original owner of this 86 CJ-7, I hate to sell it but time marches on and my offroad needs have changed, so here's what I've got, $12,500, OBO 1986 Jeep CJ-7 One owner 4.0, NV4500 5 speed Dana 44’s w/Detroit lockers 8K winch, Slickrock spring hangers Currie shackles, Rancho Shocks...
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    Adolf is pissed.

    YouTube - Hitler finds out Michael Jackson has died.
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    How I'm spending my summer vacation. The eagle shot is with a sony cybershot through my binoculars. Me, the wife, My daughter and her husband.
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    I'll make it easy for you.
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    Something to ponder.

    This guy makes perfect sense, seems like class action lawsuit time to me.