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  1. rback33

    Thoughts and Prayers for a friend

    I just learned that a friend of mine has had a horrible loss. Her parents house burned last night and her little brother did not escape. She has overcome a lot in the last two years including drug addiction. Please take a moment to lift up her and her family in the wake of this tragedy. Thanks...
  2. rback33

    FF Goodies...

    Who still has some of the free stuff that Doc used to send out?? I think the only thing I have left is my license plate frame on the back of my pickup.... anyone else?
  3. rback33

    I wonder how many...

    People have their various FF items still? I have my license plate frame on my pickup. I had kinda forgot about it until I was washing it the other day. I also have one of the really nice pens that I use on occasion.
  4. rback33

    A Simplified Explanation

    LMAO Sums it up...
  5. rback33

    Hey PG....

    Stop picking on Gretch like this!
  6. rback33

    Boob Apron

    LOL Ok.. I am sorry.. but I was about to split watching this.. YouTube - Cami Secret Parody (Boob Apron)
  7. rback33

    Accidental Tasering of a 3 y/o...

    [B] See rest of the story here... Too bad they can't taser the guy in the nuts for that... what POS
  8. rback33

    My little girl...`

    Turns 8 today! My how time flies! :dancing::thewave::happybday:happybday
  9. rback33

    My Neighbor

    I thought some of you might find interest in this. This is a piece about my parents long time neighbor. One of our local news stations does a piece every Sunday night about an interesting person in the viewing area. It's called Hatteberg's people. Larry did one on my great-grandmother years ago...
  10. rback33

    Three Ill. Teens, Man Allegedly Gang Rape 14-Year-Old

    STICKNEY, Ill. (CBS/WBBM) Three Illinois teenagers are being charged as adults in the alleged gang-rape of a 14-year-old girl that was reportedly videotaped on a cell phone. Alex Picallo, 16, Majeed Khalifeh, 18, and Jonathan Leanos, 19, were charged with two counts each of aggravated...
  11. rback33

    Brett Favre's Sister Arrested

    KILN, Miss. (AP) - The sister of Vikings quarterback Brett Favre was jailed on $40,000 bond after a brief appearance Thursday in a Mississippi courtroom, a day after she was arrested during a methamphetamine bust. Read more...
  12. rback33


    I am squealing like a pig!.. I have a Midland 77285-A running on a Wilson 1000 Mag mount and an astatic mic. I am wired hot to the battery. Radio is mounted under my dash and the bracket it grounded to some metal under the dash since it's plastic. My ex wife threw out my stand alone SWR meter...
  13. rback33

    My newest daughter...

    OK... Only a very few knew about this before today and I may as well let it out of the bag all the way.... I am going to be a daddy again in a month. Unfortunately the mother and I are no longer seeing each (like I said in another post it's complicated) but we are communicating and working...
  14. rback33

    Hey Bob...

    I can't help but find it funny you are still number 12 in post count on that one tractor forum and have not posted in 3 1/2 years....:wow:
  15. rback33

    Hey Rusty...

    Did you hear about the poor kid that got sent home from school crying? His mom asked him what happened and he replied, "The teacher asked me what 1 and 4 was!?"... "I told her the Dallas Cowboys!":yum::clap:
  16. rback33

    Top Gear on 60 Minutes

    OK.. I caught this last night after the football game and had to post it hear for Galvi.. since he likes to call me Clarkson, it's only fitting... I was :yum: watching this last night....;cbsCarousel
  17. rback33

    Yogi Bear song...

    OK... I have twisted friends all over... but I knew some of you with :yum: at this after it was sent to me.... YouTube- Yogi Bear Theme Song-Real Funny
  18. rback33

    my new baby...

    As some of you may or may not know.. my life is chaos right now post divorce... mostly of my own doing I admit... In doing so.. I have chosen to go back to one of my true fitness passions of cycling. I recently bought a Trek 5200 from my local shop (used) and have been riding the heck out of it...
  19. rback33

    The Group Boy Howdy

    The intro thread titled Boy Howdy jogged my memory of a group I used to love listening to by that name... Thought maybe some of you would remember them also.... YouTube- A COWBOY'S BORN WITH A BROKEN HEART - Boy Howdy
  20. rback33

    Phone Apps

    I don't know how many smart phone users/addicts we have on here, but I would be lost without my blackberry. I found a free app through blackberry the a month or so ago that I LOVE. It's called WeatherEye and it will tell you current conditions, short term and long term forecast as well as a...