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    2020 Swamp-Cat for sale $18,500

    brand new 2020 Swamp-Cat manufactured by RAVCO. dual track skid steer type vehicle. 20hp Kohler command Industrial 4 stroke engine. comet primary torque converter drive. mechanical type skid steer transmission with internal wet brakes for long life. Forward and Reverse, 15-18mph machine with...
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    RAVCO swamp-cat progress: FOR SALE

    here is a new swamp cat for sale. custom machine with skid steer transaxle with reverse. 20hp kohler command engine, comet torque converter, electric start, regular headlamps with tail light and additional brush gaurd and roll bar halogen lighting. approx. 18mph. tons of torque, amphibious...
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    RAVCO Swamp-Cat for sale

    Just finishing this one and it is for sale for $18,000. contact tony if interested: 715-561-2668.
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    ravco tracked utility vehicles

    hi, we are on the grow! seeking dealers nation wide check us out at: [not dot com] for sale twin tracked vehicles we are the manufacturer. remote access vehicles corp. contact tony 715-561-2668
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    HELP cushman people !!

    dire need of trackster or good used ones! help please! thanks, tony RAVCO
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    wanted: cushman trackster torsilastic springs

    hi, I am in need of 4 new cushman torsilastic springs. regular cushman suppliers are out of stock!!! as soon as possible....anyone have some on a shelf??? tony 715-561-2668. thanks
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    wanted new cushman trackster torsilastic springs

    hi i am restoring a cushman trackster and in need of 4 new torsilastic springs. as soon as possible! tony 715-561-2668 thanks.
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    ravco tracked utility vehicles

    please see our vehicles that can take you anywhere!
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    ravco tracked utility vehicles

    we are looking for dealers in alaska for our tracked vehicles. we are a wisconsin based coporation and expanding see our website for our products. thanks, tony. WWW.RAVCO.CO [not dot com]
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    wtb cushman trackster

    looking to purchase cushman trackster, ridge runner, quad trac,range runner,or sno-coupe type twin track vehicles whole or parts machines. thanks, tony RAVCO 715-561-2668
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    Amphibious ATV

    You probably haven't heard of us, but our AVx4 is fully amphibious. What do you think?