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  1. Backyardski

    Christmas Eve pups

    Our Bernese Mountain dog had her first litter of pups yesterday, right on the due date. They are crossed with our mini poodle to make mini bernedoodles. All six and mom are doing well!
  2. Backyardski

    Russian Bounties- crickets

    I find it amazing no one has commented on Russia placing bounties on US soldiers in Afghanistan. No outrage on here, or conversely anyone trying to make excuses for the President. Either he knew and did nothing or it was his dereliction of duty not reading his daily briefings (we’ve heard those...
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    Haha, funny ad
  4. Backyardski

    Covid camping

    I had a brilliant idea to give the boys a change of scenery. I’m going to set the camper up down by the wetlands on our property. They officially won’t be going back to school this year so other than the online crap, it’s summer! I’ll add a picture of the site once we get there. The site is...
  5. Backyardski

    Go-cart with tracks/skis

    Not mine- YouTube video, fast forward to 18:10 to see it go
  6. Backyardski

    Frozen bean Cat Fest 1/18-19/2020

    Here it is, the least and most organized gathering of cats in Western NY! No fancy mountains or globs of powder to mess with here. Bring a cat, bring skis, bring a board, bring a sled (the plastic torpedo ones are the best for the hill- steerable!)
  7. Backyardski

    Any grommet suppliers out there?

    I’ve got a Perkins 1004-4T in the BR-60+ that is in need of an elusive grommet for the pre-heat fuel line. I’ve checked with all of the fleet/diesel shops and suppliers in the area and no one has anything close. I found the whole filter housing that includes the grommet but would ship from...
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    These are kind of cool
  9. Backyardski

    Sno(-)(w)cat owners association

    It would sure be nice if we could all join a snowcat private owners association (or include commercial).... All of the snowcat meets and events, maps, members, dealers, by-laws, legislation, insurance access, know local/state/federal requirements, manuals, and more could all be linked on the...
  10. Backyardski

    The THING 1200c

    Ok. I’ve been in the closet with this thing for about three months. I figured I better crack the door open a little before the snow flies. I don’t know if I found it or it found me. Sqrwl is an alien. Not sure how it spread but it did. Snowcats are a disease, add alien infection and all hope is...
  11. Backyardski

    Beanstalk- Lima NY 5/3/19

    Lima NY’s slogan is “crossroads of western NY” and there will be some West to East/East to West snowcats crossing in the area so why not have a spring meet-up? The day will be Friday May 3rd. There will be at a minimum 3-4 machines in attendance. Drinks,food, fire, maybe catting on the grass...
  12. Backyardski

    Super cheap Tuckers!

    I bet that’s what everyone is looking for.... Not much happening on here lately so I thought I’d do a lurker count:yum: Any guesses on the total in the next 24 hours? Closest guess submitted by 5pm Eastern tomorrow for the 8pm Eastern view total wins a mug with a 1922 Bombardier over the snow...
  13. Backyardski

    Ski Lima 2019

    We had a great storm last weekend that allowed us to open the hill for the first time this winter. Countless trips up the tow day and night for the three day weekend. That was followed by 24 hours of 40 degrees and rain. Thankfully we still had a couple inch base remaining that rapidly froze...
  14. Backyardski

    Chinese freestyle team in NY

    We saw the Chinese freestyle team in action training at the local hill today, crazy. They are competing at Lake Placid January 19th. Should have taken a picture of the bison x working Friday night...
  15. Backyardski

    Thiokol 201 on ebay
  16. Backyardski

    Krusti tracks on eBay

    Set of tracks on eBay, get em while they are hot! Not mine.
  17. Backyardski

    Blade wings

    I’m seeking some input for blade wing options for my BR-60+. Right now it has a 94” trip-edge that is a four way with a float valve that I really like for plowing the driveway. The problem is that I can’t carry much snow. I want to be able to harvest snow from banks and drifts to make a deeper...
  18. Backyardski

    WTS Ski-dozer, on craigs not mine They are asking $17,500 with the mogul master drag, sounds like it's a nice example by the description. no pics and can't seem to find the listing on Auctions America :weneedpic I felt like I needed to find...
  19. Backyardski

    Imp on craigs

    The seller recently dropped 2k off the price. Not mine, no affiliation
  20. Backyardski

    Lake Placid Olympic Ski Jump

    We took a trip to Lake Placid two weekends ago. Two of the many things to do there are to tour the ski jump, and extreme tubing down the dry slope landing area. Had to take a peek at the winch cats too.