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  1. iceberg210

    sno(w) cat serenade, SV2022

    Let me know when firm dates are set, might see if the folks in the Lost River Valley could do something on either side of it, and who knows might be able to join you!
  2. iceberg210

    Shopping for a Cat: What is best?

    If you can find an old DMC Thiokol or LMC center cab that's got a cab on it, they climb like a mad man, and with ski resort (wide say 12' ) tracks they float great.
  3. iceberg210

    What are you drinking tonight?

    Grand Teton: Black Cauldron
  4. iceberg210

    fallout from the "free money"

    Inflation has been largely flat since the 60's except for the period in the seventies where price controls were put on, and then taken off along with the gold standard that accelerated pent up inflation that they had artificially held down over time. Volker's increased interest rates squashed...
  5. iceberg210

    Best use of a snowcat?

    Helping communities ski
  6. iceberg210

    Excel Hustler

    Sorry to dig up an old thread but wanted to plug in to this. What year did they pull the plug on the machine? Couldn't figure out what year they stopped production. Did they stop just because there wasn't the demand for it or? Thanks!
  7. iceberg210

    Idaho BLM land Snowcat use question

    Thanks I called them and they were very helpful. For anyone's information in the future, as long as there is no restriction on a map, or any temporary signs on the property Snowcats are allowed according to them anywhere cross country over the snow that snowmobiles are. Which is great news to...
  8. iceberg210

    Idaho BLM land Snowcat use question

    GMoose, thanks for the note on F and G I'll look into it! There's only a small area that is BLM, and fortunately MOST of the area we'd be grooming isn't on it. I'd love to, however it's not really a unit that travels well. (took us most of the day putting the tiller and blade on) which puts it...
  9. iceberg210

    Idaho BLM land Snowcat use question

    Thanks! I found the lost river map but of course it cuts out just above the area I'm looking for, although the area I"m looking for is BLM so I don't know if the USFS map would help. The area I'm looking for is just north of Craters on BLM land and while I could find it on the craters map...
  10. iceberg210

    Idaho BLM land Snowcat use question

    Pardon me if it's been covered before on the forum (did some looking but didn't see anything specifically on BLM, more on USFS land). I just picked up a 3700C LMC in order to help Blizzard Mtn run by the local Lions Club, outside of Arco to have grooming (hopefully they'll be able to ski more...