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  1. Echtwelniet

    Toons For The Times 2021

    🌸......Answer always lies in the middle? Mzzls
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    What are you listening to?

    Pearl jam - playlist Mzzls
  3. Echtwelniet

    Saagar Enjeti: Biden Is ALREADY Letting Wall Street, Europe SELL OUT To China

    *sigh* China already owns you?(investments)............ and us(NL/EU). They already gave it away in 2008(banking crisis) and your own banks/industry went for cheaper labour.No matter dem/rep.......or Trump,he kicked the bucket a bit.But also profits from the "system",nothing really changed...
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    What are you listening to?

    Lana Del Rey- YT playlist Mzzls
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    Quotable Quotes

    I love this politics. Mzzls
  6. Echtwelniet

    We are in a Video Game - Conspiracy - Elon Musk

    So im playing a videogame in a a videogame? Does it matter?.......i still suck at it,lol. Mzzls
  7. Echtwelniet

    Toons For The Times 2021

    I feel for you people in the US Plz dont fall for the left and right crap, look a step further,sigh. Mzzls
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    New, still just looking around...... Dutch,sometimes anouying,interwebz to lurk/read and sometimes give a smartass opinion. And i love musicvids and lolcats Mzzls