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  1. RRose

    ISO - Original Tucker Kitten Dash Tag

    Searching for a Tucker Sno Kitten Tag! A original dash tag out of a Tucker Sno-Cat Kitten was sold on eBay June 30, 2016, item number 201610111664 for $33.88. I have been told that this tag is out of the kitten that I own. I’ve contacted the original seller and had no luck getting any info on...
  2. RRose

    Kitten Grill Bars - need any?

    Hey guys - I’m having some new Kitten grill bars bent up for GMoose and myself. 13/16”x13/16”x20 gauge. Thought I would throw it out to anyone that needs some replacements. They are about $13ea unless we order more than 32. Then they will be about $11ea. They would be a pretty decent...
  3. RRose

    WTB - Kitten outer pontoon bearing carrier plate

    I know this is a long shot - but - I’m looking for a early kitten outside pontoon bearing carrier plate. Someone my box of parts only came with one. It looks like this;
  4. RRose

    Round Door Kitten Restoration

    I’m trying to figure out if this skid plate frame/support, or any part of it in this circled area, on this 54/55 kitten is original. It is roughly cut out with a torch and only welded to the frame from above. If anyone can shed some light on this or provide a picture of something similar, I’d...
  5. RRose

    1973 Tucker 1443 for sale (not mine)
  6. RRose

    1956 Tucker 443 - “The Gobbler”

    I’m starting a thread to kinda document the history and preservation of my 1956 Tucker Sno-Cat 443, affectionately known as “The Gobbler”. I hope to use this thread as a spring board moving forward, knowing that at least one person in this group will have seen it, experienced it or heard of a...
  7. RRose

    Modern cloth covered wire?

    What are you guys using to rewire your vintage Tucker’s? Does anyone make a modern vinyl covered wire that looks like the vintage cloth covered wire?
  8. RRose

    For Sale - 1963 Tucker 440c - not mine

    Incase you guys didn’t see this for sale on Snotrans: 1963 Tucker 440c - 10 man cab 6087 miles Flathead Chrysler Located in Sterling, Ma He’s asking $19,500 Steve Sontag 978-815-4782 (I’ve got no connection to this cat - just passing along the info on a nice looking Tucker)
  9. RRose

    Tucker Wheels

    I’ve seen several people that have put wheels/tires on their Tucker’s for whatever reason. Can anyone tell me what the bolt pattern is on a 50’s 400 series? What wheels are you using? Im gonna have to clear a 7’ garage door opening.
  10. RRose

    1950 brochure value?

    This is the second brochure I’ve seen come across eBay in the last couple of weeks. The last one went for $87 and this on is at $107 with an hour to go. I get it that they are vintage original - but do they always sell for this kinda money?
  11. RRose

    WTS: 1964 Thiokol Seagrave - Big Bear, California - Not Mine

    Happened across a 1964 Thiokol for sale in Big Bear, Ca about 3 weeks ago. Appears to have been a fire service piece of equipment. Here are some pictures and the info.
  12. RRose

    Tucker 443 vs 543

    Hey guys - new to the forum - super interested in Tucker’s - I’ve been reading through the forum for about a week and I’m struggling to nail down some information. I’m trying to figure out which cat I want to search for, a 443 or a 543. So far I’ve caught that the 543 will have the bigger...