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    Rushing over some lake in Finland

    Finland is country of 1000 lakes... rushing over one of those lakes.. powered by Buster RS and Johnson 40 hv.. .
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    Sizeable rocks and old Ford wheel loader

    First tests for My old Ford A64 wheel loader power... pushing some smaller and bigger rocks... .
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    Removing hard ridge of snow on road with Wheel loader

    Local snow blower left very hard ridge of snow on road.. try to remove it with My Ford wheel loader.. ,
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    Swans in Snowfall

    When I driving My car I suddenly see couple swans very near on the road.. and same time rains lots of snow.. .
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    Very Heavy snow and Old Ford Wheel loader

    Testing My old Ford Wheel loader forces and push some very heavy snow.. here is about 1 meter snow... .
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    Ice Road - Driving Top of The Lake

    Headline tells everything...
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    Drone prop upgrade and camera gimbal

    I change My Cheerson CX20 Drone 2- blade propellers to 3- blade propellers and install Eachine Light-2D Brushless Gimbal. Little review and flight test with winter scenery. .
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    Review - Old Ford A64 Wheel Loader

    Closer review on My year 1980 Ford A64 wheel loader. .
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    Making Forest road with Minibackhoe

    Making forest road with My towable minibackhoe.. one big alder stump give quite good fight... Leveling road: Making Forest road with Towable Backhoe Kellfri / Metsätien tekoa minikaivurilla - YouTube Fight against stump: Dark Fight Against Big Alder Stump - YouTube .
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    Old Ford A64 Wheel loader pushing snow

    Today was little bit warmer day and try to push some snow with My old Ford A64 wheel loader.. .
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    My Next project - Old Ford A64 Wheel Loader

    Today got My next project, old year 1980 Ford A64 wheel loader.. will see how this goes..:mellow: .
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    Log Gray Alders with Dolmar PS-35C chainsaw

    Clear some Gray Alders pass on forest road what I cone make, this alders I going to use on firewood.. .
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    Review - DIY Operator cabin for ATV towable backhoe

    My operator cabin project for Kellfri towable ATV backhoe is ready.. time to show results.. .
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    MetsaMan Song - Country Version

    My Friend make song for Me.. MetsaMan.. Multitalent Guy this how plays on this piece, He make that guitar by Himself on Jerry can.. :punk:
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    Dark & Snow and David Brown

    Last night here rains about 20 cm snow... :ermm: .
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    Halloween Special - Kill Booby Death Trap with Backhoe

    I know that You allready have Halloween in last weekend but here in Europe it is this weekend... made Halloween Special video.. .
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    Stuck in Mud with ATV towable backhoe

    Last weekend I was digging forest ditch with My towable backhoe.. Very wet and Muddy terrain... of course get stuck.. this video is also teaser for forest ditch digging video what coming soon. .. :wink: .
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    Massey Ferguson 365 with forest trailer

    This day was quite rainy, good day to drive some wood.. .
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    Operator cabin project - First LED Worklight test

    Today I test those LED work lights what I install on My backhoe cabin. .
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    Driving some firewoods for sauna

    Today I drive some firewoods for sauna with My David Brown 1290 tractor.. :smile: .