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    McCarthy ST4 Anyone know the history? I'm interested in spare parts but haven't reached out... What is the deal with the top of the cab?
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    SnowTrac Axle - P/N ST 2054, spline wear

    I am going through the ST4 I bought this fall and in disassembly/inspection have discovered that the splines (circled in red in the attached photo) on the right side axle of my machine are fairly worn. This is based on the slop I can observe between the hub (part # ST 7681, item #39 in the...
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    Just Picked up a 1975 ST4 in the Willow area

    Hello all, I just bought #1801 and have it my shop thawing out. My intention is to clean it up and run it on the Big Sue. I drove it across a lake to get it on the trailer back to Anchorage, seems to run/drive OK. My wife thinks I'm crazy which kind of adds to the appeal. I'd like to run it...