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    Washington state joins CA in the war on gasoline powered cars

    Yes the cancer has spread. It is terminal. There is no saving this state.
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    Canada cracks down

    Canada is one step behind the UK when it comes to government abuse of individual freedoms. The US is just a little bit behind but not that much farther.
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    Slavery Reparations Commission

    It's only money. Don't they just print more when they need it?
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    Canada cracks down

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    Canada cracks down

    Canada has gone full Stasi .... just google "Grace Life Church"
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    Top military brass treated to bizarre 'twerking' dance during commissioning of HMAS Supply

    Really ... who ever came up with this? The world is so fucked up these days.
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    Did COCA-COLA destroy its brand's reputation?

    I sure hope so. The consumers are the only people that can put these woke corporations in their place. Here's a list of 100 corporations that we all should work harder at not supporting:
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    $600K Wuhan Grant On How To Make Bat-Based Coronaviruses "More Contagious" Bypassed Fed Oversight

    Fauci is a grifter. Unfortunately, he is a very successful grifter.
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    UK's Prince Philip, age 99, Died at Windsor Castle

    One down. Lots more to go. Faster please. Monarchies are a plague on freedom.
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    Corona Virus spreading ... US official says no need to worry

    Vaccine passports are racist. How are the "underprivileged" expected to be able to have these when they can't even figure out how to get government issued ID.
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    Bill Gates and George Soros Team Up ...

    Just more confirmation on how evil Bill Gates is. He has partnered with one of America's greatest enemies.
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    Your car is not a snowmobile,

    ^^^ This! Some evil soulless lawyer needs to sue those auto companies for misrepresenting the capabilities of their vehicles to these gullible "spawnlings".
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    A Canadian Patriot with a backbone!!!

    This is how more people need to deal with the evil political jack booted thugs ....
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    Charles Barkley says racial division is driven by politicians

    A whole ton of truth in this little sound bite ....
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    FBI violates 4th Amendment (again) ...

    The FBI clearly has no respect for the constitution ... this story has all the buzz words: drugs, money, weapons, cryptocurrency but clearly shows that the FBI also over reached their authority most likely through the use of some warrant rubber stamping judge...
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    The Vaccine Passport Isn’t What You Think It Is

    This administration has gone full Hunger Games ...
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    Keystone XL Pipeline ~ 21 states file Constitutional case to overthrow Biden's Exec. Order shutting it down

    Canada will never get a pipeline to the west coast. The eco-warriors, native indians, and liberal politicians in Canada are well funded by US and International "environmental" special interests. They block any attempts to build pipelines or increase rail shipping of oil to the western ports...