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    5 miles to go

    Beautiful Evening! Headed home yesterday about 6 pm. About 5 miles to go and the Snow Master running fine. Temperature was maybe 38 so trail was a bit slushy in the sunny spots. Hopefully another month before road gets miserable. Been to the POB and then some grocery shopping.
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    ST4B engine RPM

    What rpm do most of you use for cruise on your Snow Tracs? I have been looking over a lot of the Snow Trac articles and have been unable to figure out what is reasonable operating rpm. My Snow Master is a 1979 and appears to be basically stock. I run at 7000’ MSL +- 500’ and realize that my...
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    1999 Litefoot II Not mine

    On East Idaho Craigslist. Asking $16,000.00. No pics! I think this machine was on there a couple weeks ago. Had pics at that time. No windshield, no cab. Think they were asking 20k then!
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    Found on Boise Craigslist Arctic Cat Quad Trac

    Not mine. Don’t know how to link the listing. they say 1980 Arctic cat quad trac. First I have heard of such! Good pictures. Asking $6000.00
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    Using semi/synthetic oil in Snow Trac

    First My Snow Master is about to need oil added. Problem is previous short term owner doesn’t know what owner before was using for oil. I read an article that said the VW engines don’t like it when you mix oil brand /wt. So I am thinking about changing to a semi-synthetic that is the same as I...
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    Operating on gravel road?

    Looks like I only have a couple more days that my F350 will get me to highway. Currently I have about 4 miles of bare gravel road to run on before I get to decent snow. Are there any special concerns or methods of operation for my Snow Master on the gravel portion (first year owning the Snow...
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    ST4 B Grousers

    I got my Snow Master last week. Really great looking machine. Production number 2233, so a 1979 model I believe. 😎 Posted a few days ago looking for headlight lens. Not found replacements at this point, so thinking about going to either 5 3/4” or 7” headlights. Any pros or cons out there. Not a...
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    Snow Master headlight

    Hi All Looks like a Snow Master coming to live in my shed! 79 vintage low miles and hours! Haven’t got a manual or parts book yet. Needs a headlight and snow. Anyone know brand/part number by chance? Thanks loneoutrider
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    Defroster ducts(tubes) Hupp 356 heater in 4T8 Thiokol

    Does anyone know where to find defroster ducts(tubes) to fit a Hupp 356 heater? The ducts on my 1962 Thiokol 4T8 are shot. My son 3D printed the connection from the duct to the defroster difusser. The end of the duct that goes into the heater box is similar to a rubber grommet, but is part of...
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    New Guy with New To Him Thiokol 4T8 N

    Hi All loneoutrider here Just recently got registered on forumsforums and darned glad I found you! Bought a 4T8 N about two months ago that was on Craigslist. I was pretty nervous about it as it had six flat tires and I couldn't try it out for fear of running out of the tracks. It did start...