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    Sno kitten drums

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    Aktiv Grizzley

    Can anybody tell me the year of this machine by serial#? Also any info for parts or maybe a parts chassis. This one has a polaris motor in it and I think the rear suspension parts are arctic cat super jag parts. I searched the Internet and really didn't come up with much of anything. This one...
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    1957 tucker snow kitten

    Pontoons all apart and greased all cleaned out. Little bit of welding and straighten. Can these be converted to adjustable style?
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    1957 tucker sno kitten

    Sno kitten pics.
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    Hi, Looking to find a reasonable shipper or someone that might be traveling that can haul a tucker sno-cat kitten. Part way,All the way from Plains Mt. to Mass. Pm if you want. Thanks Ed
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    I've been looking at groomers for a couple of months trying see what I would really like to purchase. I have a couple of questions. On the tuckers I been in a couple with rubber tracks. How do the ones with pontoons and steel tracks compare. As far as going through deep snow and staying on top...