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    dr who

    did anyone see the dr who special?. what did you think of it and what do you think of the show in general. a bit of a fan.... I liked david tenant best as doctor
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    pizza in japan

    an american tourist visits japan while he's their, he realises that he doesn't like japanese food luckily, he spots an advert for an american pizza ordering service. so he goes back to his hotel and orders a takeaway well about half an hour later the pizza man arives and gives the man his...
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    what are your top 5 christmas songs?

    mine are: 1. fairytale of new york by the pogues 2. do they know it's christmas? (the original bandaid) 3. mary did you know? (I like the pentatinix version) 4. a winter's tale by david essex (not so much as christmas as winter, but definetly up their) 5. happy christmas, war is over (the...
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    the 3 nuns

    a man is walking to the showers when he sees 3 nuns wlaking towards him. knowing that he needs to get under the water away from the nuns, he grabs 2 bars of soap and gets in the shower the first nun aproaches him and grabs his penis she tells the other 2, oh look, it's a statue. how sweet...
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    christmas wish/ wishes for 2020?

    for myself, I really need a new fridge (my old one broke a few weeks ago) and I'm unable to aford a new one myself, so maybe it would be a good gift from someone. my main wish though is that people can spend christmas together, and they won't be to affected by this virus. I'll be spending...
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    little johny on the farm

    little johny lives on the farm. 1 morning, he goes down to breakfast and his mother asks him to do his chores before breakfast. so, out he goes. he's not feeling too happy about it, because he's very hungry. his first job is to feed the chickens, and while he is their, he is feeling so angry...
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    christmas heaven admition

    3 guys die and go to heaven. st peter says, well, because it's christmas you all need something that resembles something to do with christmas or you can't get in. so the first guy lights a match and says, this is a candle and st peter lets him through second guys takes out his housekeys...
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    the asylum

    3 people in the mental asylum were due for release. it was the director's job to do his final checks, and if everything checked out, they would be free in the first room, he saw a woman reading a book. he asked what are you doing? and the woman replies: why, I am reading a book. it's a job...
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    new police test

    A driver was pulled over by a police officer for speeding. As the officer was writing the ticket, she noticed several machetes in the car. "What are those for?" she asked suspiciously. "I'm a juggler," the man replied. "I use those in my act." "Well, show me," the officer demanded. The...
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    nursery rymes (for adults)

    mary had a little lamb, her father shot it dead. now it goes to school with her between 2 loaves of bread.. hey diddle, diddle, thee cat did a piddle, all over the bed side clock the little dog laughed to see such fun, then died of electric shock jack and jill went in to town so they could...
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    is their a place

    on this site to post UK news stories? for example: post a link to the story, my thoughts, and ask for others views? x
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    A-Z things to do with christmas

    to get us in the festive mood, why not I'll start... A for angel
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    prayer request for a friend please

    her name is joanne going through quite a hard time at the moment. her husband's just left her, she's been in hospital because of dark thoughts, she's just lost her baby, and now she's currently looking for a new place to live since she is no longer welcome at the flat she shared with her...
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    eddie van halen

    if this is the wrong place to post this, then feel free to move I just wanted to post that van halen passed true music legend. one of the greatest
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    hey, I am new member

    my name's emily and I live in the UK found this forum while searching google for an off-topic comunity and a place to just hang out with others I hope to participate- just going to have a look around first and see what takes my fancy X