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    1973 older sw48 bombardier's parts needed

    Hi I have a 1973 sw 48 and I need good track bands mine are getting really close to there end there the originals so any info will be great.
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    Build tube guitar amps

    Hi does any body build tube amp kits I built a tube depot one a jtm 45 plus head kit ,and Iam having alittle trouble with it if any body else has built one that works please post some pictures of the inside like very close ups of the board and the wires going from the board to the pots and to...
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    SW 48 BombardierSnow Plow need parts

    Hi I have a 1973 sw48 and I need angle pistons for my machine .What does any body have out there ,or should I go and get new ones?
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    Sw 48 Bombardier brakes

    Hi I have a 1973 sw 48 that's the older one with the chy industrial engine and the 3 speed manual so how do I adjust the steering bands and how much can I .How will I know if they need to be replaced.How much thickness on them? Where would I get redone wons or mine gone over or do I have to...
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    SW48 bombardier part wanted

    I have a 1973 sw 48 bombardier and I will be needing soon in a year or two two newer condition solid tires/ wheels.If you have one tell me the price .
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    1992 Honda shadow

    I would like to find a chrome upper triple tree cover for a 1992 Honda Shadow VT1100c,for a nice price. Or if any body could give me some leeds on were to go be a link or a phone number would be great.
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    Looking for sw 48 parts upstate NY

    HI I Have a 1973 sw 48 Iam looking for a Radiator,and a three speed trans for it .It has the chy Indsutial engine in it ,also would be intersted in max 6wheeler atv parts too.
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    sw 48 bombardier

    Hi I put a post in another sections of this form and I think this maybe a better spot to ask for what Iam looking for.I have a 1973 sw 48 bombardier my radiator is leaking I could use one in better shape for a spare mie is being fixed.Or any info on other web pages on companys that have parts...
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    bombardier sw 48

    Hi I have a 1973 sw48 bombardier I need a radiator for it or some one to tell me where I can get one .If the price is right even one that needs alittle fixing.I live in upstate new york.E-mail at
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    need a radiator for sw 48

    Hi I have a 1973 sw48 bombardier Iam in the un state new york area. Tell me a price and I will get back to you