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    What are you doing today, 2021, 22 edition

    Hope the weather changes for you and the fish are hungry
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    I'm proud.

    LOL My thoughts exactly
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    Can You Name These Old Things?

    Missed 2...didn't recognize one but when told realized what it was and used plenty of them.
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    Rough day ....

    Now that made me laugh
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    What are you doing today, 2021, 22 edition

    LOL Brian welcome to the country side of life....Best bet is dump the plow truck and pick up a tractor with a blower. Plow trucks are good for small storms of 2 ft of dry snow but when the wet stuff rolls in they dont have the weight to move it far. This past storm was a bit of a challenge.
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    Astro van cat conversion

    Great to hear Snowy get well soon and back out to the shop
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    Reporter brutally attacked by Ottawa police speaks out | Eric Bolling The Balance on Newsmax

    Wow can you imaging being brutally attacked like that while protesting in front of the nations capitol. Good thing hospitalization is free. LOL
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    What are you doing today, 2021, 22 edition

    Brian experience tell me you may need to add another 10 meters to that bench. You will have that buried in no time.
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    Story Time

    I enjoy your stories thanks for taking me back down memory lane. My Dad is 96 and so many of your stories I have lived. Thanks again.
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    Astro van cat conversion

    Damm Snowy..I really enjoyed following your threads. I wish you all the best.
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    Covid tests

    Well Dude ya can piss and moan about it or do something. Maybe time to pack up the kids and move across the border. It is obvious whining isn't going to improve anything. What do you suggest?
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    When Covid Hits Close To Home

    Hugs PG. Sometimes the good one goes first.
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    Disconnect switch compliance question

    LOL and you come to a Snowcat forum for this info?? I am sure there are fellas that could provide this info here but its like looking for pole dancing lessons with a bunch of farmers. They could probably do it but not best place to get that info lol
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    Vacuum Sealer Recommendation

    We have used a "Food Saver " for about 5 years. Usually buy bulk packs of meat and reseal in smaller portions. Works great on frozen veggies from the garden also.
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    Racer in the family.

    great video Brian.
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    My dad

    So very sorry to hear you lost your Dad. I know how close you were with him. Remember the good times at the races and fishing trips. Prayers and memories will comfort you.
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    Naked man caught "car jacking" by semi-driver

    The funny thing about this is if had been a woman doing this posted from a male truck driver it would have been acceptable and dont tell me different
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    New to me 1936 Caterpillar RD4, get it running project

    Great thread ..I will be following this one for sure
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    What are you doing today, 2021, 22 edition

    LOL at "used for remote fishing"
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    What are you doing today, 2021, 22 edition

    Great news PG