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  1. wanderer

    worst fucking week ever

    and I am sick of fucking trying. :angry3:
  2. wanderer

    holy freakin' shit!

    came home to lake superior in my front yard! " SOME rain and little bit of thunder today.." yeah sure. and it is still coming down. will try and put some pics up in my album space. phone just does not allow to post here. The areas are suppose to be road and grassy yard. ;*}
  3. wanderer

    best damn line in...

    a book EVER! "I was appalled to find out that you cannot arrest people on suspicion of being stupid assholes. Lucky for Congress, ain't it?" Wolf, No Wolf Peter Bowen
  4. wanderer

    what are you drinking tonight?

    Brilliant! rum/coke (bacardi)
  5. wanderer

    pray, think good thoughts....

    whatever you think... I got into a a class for nurse assistant starting fall. I have it for Minnesota, (certificate, done elder-care 30 some years) but need it here. I will then maybe be able to get into LPN program. I just need to hang on, been a long haul the last six months. Have a couple...
  6. wanderer

    Really just shot

    Just majorly done in. too much shit hittin' the fan....elephant size. so far behind on things with car in the shop, and come to find out they cant figure it out. oh yay. I need to get back to work...need that freakin' car. need to get back to see my mom...yeah right. and several other things...
  7. wanderer

    definitely a flippin' rant

    What the hell is wrong with people? Try to be decent is a f'en joke. I have these wondrous neighbors who let their dogs run loose. They have been crapping in my yard for months. Came home yesterday and another one was at it. I went over and asked them to please keep their dogs out of my yard...
  8. wanderer

    new chemical gas warfare strategy

    just drop my dog into whatever area you wish to take out. oh my cow! :sick: I have had dogs that had killer gas but this is doomsday gas! She makes the little dogs run away from it and they normally love stinky stuff. And the cat curls her lip practically over her head! It fills the whole...
  9. wanderer


    concern is that the damn cancer is back. ct scan today doc is on wednesday. she has had a really rare infection, took them almost a year to figure it out. has had a port in her arm for about 2 months for antibiotics. will share the full story sometime. for now, for those who pray, will ya? I...
  10. wanderer

    You all pretty much...

    rock! :brows: Well you know you were thinking something else.... spent most of the day reading here, there and so on. At some point was like "Hell yeah!" So, looking forward to hangin' out and getting to know folks better. Will share more as I go along. Love the mix here, of folks and...