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    What are you doing today, 2021, 22 edition

    It was -29 this morning around 5am. I'm on call today 6am till 6pm. Hasn't been bad so far, only 18 patients images have come in. I don't mind at all when i can stay home, and the techs do the imaging, then send them to me.
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    Toons For The Times 2021, 22

    30 trillion dollars. Gee that's nothing ;)
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    Random thoughts

    Greta needs to come here, live in a tent in my backyard for a month, with no heat source. Then explain her global warming theory to me.
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    I love Being Fat

    Autocorrect changed overweight in my post above, to overnight, not sure why.
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    I love Being Fat

    I wouldn't know. Eat all I want to, not overnight. Hard work, and not being a glutton, has made it possible.
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    What are you doing today, 2021, 22 edition

    I'm 3 months early, but congratulations!
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    What are you doing today, 2021, 22 edition

    I worked long hours yesterday, and then did just 8 hours this morning. When I got home took a 2 hour nap, I was sleep deprived. Took my new pup for a long walk on the snowmobile trails. Looked online for a Honda S2000, my daughter would like to have. Their price is ludicrous.
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    Report Your Snow Depth

    Very very cool. Awesome dog also!
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    Corona Virus spreading ... US official says no need to worry

    Thousands of Physicians have been saying almost the same thing, for over a year. When I spoke out against the fake news, the government was trying everything to silence me. They DO NOT want anyone telling the truth!
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    Love triangle problem

    Which one treats you best, do you click with the most, and could see yourself spending forever with, choose that one. If neither are super special, and you cannot see yourself still being with them in 50 years, walk away from both. This time cut ALL ties with the one, or both you cut from your...
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    What are you listening to?

    Glad to know that I wasnt the only one. I'm 44 now, about the time I was really getting into music, and girls, she was a huge star.
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    I've looked for a dark mode, haven't found it. White background is the worst.
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    What are you doing today, 2021, 22 edition

    I enjoy shop time, usually, unless something goes really bad. I just came in from the shop actually. Put a new water pump impeller in the boat. Then replaced the back window washer nozzle on the Subaru. I've found that many parts on the Subaru are of extremely low quality.
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    Random thoughts

    I've forgiven many, but unless I get dementia or alzheimers, cannot forget what they did to me. One we can choose, as in to forgive someone. Unless you have a medical problem, you will remember it all though.
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    University of Minnesota Research

    Only open to Americans, too bad, I was going to fill it out.
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    When it rains it pours part two.....

    May he rest in peace.
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    What are you doing today, 2021, 22 edition

    I used a quick oil change place once, never will again. I'll take the 20 minutes to do my own, also a good chance to look around under my vehicles. If anyone has a new f350, be warned, that new drain plug is a quick twist style, and when it comes out, the oil doesn't come out like a normal...
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    What are you doing today, 2021, 22 edition

    Drove out to look at a potential job today, took my new pup along, who slept 95% of the 6 hours drive time, but he had plenty of energy while stopped and walking around. For just being day two with me, I couldn't be happier with him. He runs ahead while walking around looking at stuff, but he...