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  1. MNoutdoors

    It ran when I parked it

    It ran when I parked it.
  2. MNoutdoors

    Odd snowcat and differential

    Had a customer looking for parts and I have never run across this differential Before thought I would share. The machine looks like a cross between a Thiokol 2100 and a 3700 machine. Sprockets are like a 2100 It was called a Duraflex
  3. MNoutdoors

    WTB snowtrac

    Looking for 1 snowtrac sprocket new for 2 band track for pattern
  4. MNoutdoors


    Lookin for 4- 2 band snowtrac sprockets
  5. MNoutdoors


    Looking for 4- sprockets for 2 band snowtrac? Anybody have some ?
  6. MNoutdoors

    Let’s remember all are Veterans than never made it Home

    Let take a moment, and remember all our brothers and sisters that gave it all For us to be Free.....
  7. MNoutdoors

    Electric car 1905

    Charging a electric car in 1905!
  8. MNoutdoors

    New Covid 19 filter

    Replacement filters available at Napa :clap: Not my shop (wiring on ceiling)
  9. MNoutdoors

    Covid 19

    martial law may be coming, if containment is not reached in the next few weeks...... Dam going to have to stock up on rum and coke :smile:
  10. MNoutdoors

    #2 Diesel prices around the country?

    Costco Phoenix Yesterday 1.96
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  12. MNoutdoors

    Severe Underground parking

    Well it’s one of my most protected 4 wheelers 400 feet back into a mountain and 350 feet deep :smile:
  13. MNoutdoors

    45 ton electric dump truck uses no fuel

    45 ton electric dump truck uses no fuel to move 65 tons uses regeneration down hill to create power to go up the hill empty as green as it gets https://www.intelligentliving.co/edumper-largest-ev-never-recharges/
  14. MNoutdoors

    No snowcat needed ?

    Interesting concept I think I would like just a little protection from the props though........ https://youtu.be/Po7H2ukgu9Y
  15. MNoutdoors

    Merry Christmas! To all

    Merry Christmas
  16. MNoutdoors

    Snowmobile storage idea

    Thought this was way cool, and saves floor space
  17. MNoutdoors

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    To all, but especially the ones who are active duty and can’t be with family this Thanksgiving.
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  19. MNoutdoors

    Unique door, pondering how to use

    Saw this and thought, wow, screen it? Panel it? Very unique movement
  20. MNoutdoors

    Laser rust and paint removal

    Interesting way to remove rust and paint soon as the price comes down https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ACGSzBXKONo Narran laser https://narran.cz/en/laser-cleaning/