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    Thiokol/DMC/LMC parts in Alaska

    Is there anyone in AK who might have parts? Not sure what or even if we need anything now, but it would be good to know of a local source. Thanks.
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    OC-12 outer pinion gears

    I am taking my diff apart and having trouble getting the outer pinion gears off. I have loosened the nut and put a gear puller on it but they would not budge. I suspect I may need a better gear puller and o try harder, but wanted to ask if there is anything else retaining them besides the nut...
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    Separating the upper and lower Spryte frames

    I am trying to get my Spryte prepped for shipping. We have a 4000 pound per piece weight limit. It looks like the lower frame with the axles can be easily separated from the upper frame that has the body and powertrain. Does that sound like a feasible approach?
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    Back in the game!

    I used to co-own a Muskeg, but we sold it last summer and have been planning to scratch build a smaller machine in an aluminum tub with a Weasel diff. That changed when we found a '73 Spryte in Utqiagvik. It was running and driving until one of the belt splices pulled out, so I am hoping we...
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    I am looking a for a Weasel. If you know of any in southcentral please let me know!
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    Muskeg Grousers in Alaska

    I have 100 Grousers for sale. They are in good shape, but the rubber is trash. I am asking $20/each. Cheaper if you buy more.
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    Muskeg track tension

    We are trying to splice our track back together to get our muskeg out of the woods. We are using ratchet straps to pull the track together with little success. We are not sure how to release the track tension. We can see what we think is the tensioner but no method for adjustment is visible. We...
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    Muskeg Grousers in Alaska

    I just got a sat phone call from my friend. He needs grousers... Do any of the Alaskan forum members have Muskeg grousers? Our machine use the newer 1 piece grousers that go all the way across. Thanks.
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    Muskeg diff removal

    To remove the diff it looks like the shafts from the diff to the final drive reduction have to come out. In order to do that, do we have to pull the tracks and drive sprocket and then remove the final drive reduction assembly? I am hoping I am missing something, otherwise I have a lot of work...
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    Muskeg Wheel Bearing lubricant

    My Muskeg wheel bearings seemed to have a thin lubricant instead of normal wheel bearing grease. It looked sort of like old black motor oil, but under bright light had a reddish tint. A friend suggested that someone had added ATF for cold weather purposes and perhaps did not remove the grease...
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    Muskeg steering ram behavior and band adjustment

    I am working on my '78 Muskeg carrier and am curious about the behavior of the steering rams. This has the dual setup where the rams have two sides, running off the power steering pump, the other side uses car brake master cylinders. When I start the engine, the power side activates some, as if...
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    Muskeg pinion seal

    We need to replace the pinion seal in our Muskeg (1978). Is there a readily available part number I could use at a local auto pars store, or should I look for a specialty place? Thanks!
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    Muskeg Steering options

    We are working rebuilding our Muskeg and had a question regarding the steering system. Our has two sets of levers. Long manual ones, and short power assist ones. Should we retain both? If the power assist is unreliable wouldn't we be well off to just ditch it. If it is reliable, then why not...
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    Muskeg Serial Number

    My employer sent me to barrow, so I went to see my Muskeg for the first time! I found both data tags intact and got the serial number: 322780141. Is this enough to determine the year of the machine? So, ignoring what the drivers seat is, can anyone tell me about the dual levers? Is this normal...
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    New Muskeg owner

    A friend and I just bought a Muskeg in Barrow, Alaska. It needs a bit of work, and needs to be transported down to where we are... Here are some pics: The belts aren't perfect, but I think they will be quite usable. The drive sprocket does not look too bad. Chevy 305 and TH400. We might...
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    Alaskan Snow Trac owners...

    A few weeks ago some friends spotted a disabled Snow Trac here in south central Alaska. I was just checking if by chance the owner was on this board, and if they needed help recovering it.