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  1. Tye one on

    Porterbuilt for sale

    Not mine but here ya go!!https://seattle.craigslist.org/tac/for/d/snow-cat/6751573827.html
  2. Tye one on

    Rubber track tucker in Wa

    I know the guy who owns this set up. He is in the selling mood, $30k for truck and cat. Text or call me for info please 360-507-2737 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  3. Tye one on

    Tucker Roof rack

    Having a Roof rack built for my 1543. I’ve got a pretty good idea what I would like to see but I’d love to see some of your creations for ideas. Cheers!!
  4. Tye one on

    Blade for 1543

    Looking to put a blade on my 1543. Does anyone have detailed info on what needs to be done to the turn table and surrounding components? Also must be a pump and reservoir change of some kind I would think. Any info would be helpful. Cheers!!
  5. Tye one on

    Tucker steel track parts for sale (no rollers)

    I have full links, pins and the small roller bushings that I had manufactured for my old cat. I now have no use for them and know how hard it was to find someone to cut and machine them. There must be 100 count of each here, I'm willing to ship what ya need and will have them with me at...
  6. Tye one on

    First run for 1543

    Bing bang boom! 3 cats and everyone's riding with me.....wonder why?
  7. Tye one on

    Sun Valley ID

    Headed to Sun Valley after the McCall event. Looking for a place or two to get the Tucker out if anyone knows of a place or is in the area. Any info would be appreciated!
  8. Tye one on

    Tucker 1543b

    Bought a 87 1543b last season and put it in the shop for some TLC. Can anyone tell me if the factory electric fuel pump is available anywhere? It's an autopulse 2142. I assume it's only there for redundancy? I'm a purest so I'd like to replace it with original if possible. Cheers!
  9. Tye one on

    Tucker's at end of Big Mt. Rd in White Fish.

    Anyone here know who owns the Tucker's in White Fish Montana at the end of Big Mt. Road near the ski hill?
  10. Tye one on

    Rubber track Tucker

    Could someone tell me why I see some Tucker's with one bogey wheel that looks different from the others? It looks like UHMW form the pics I've seen but I'm not totally sure. It usually seems to be the most rear wheel on the track system. I have my guesses but I am new to rubber tracks and mine...
  11. Tye one on

    SOLD Tucker 343 Seattle Wa SOLD

    Testing the waters a little....Tucker 343 for sale. This machine was a one owner machine when I bought it. It was originally purchased from Tucker by the University of Wyoming to use on Jelm Mt. At the observatory. It was ordered with a 318 Chrysler witch is very rare in a 300 series machine. It...
  12. Tye one on

    Snow cat Jamboree 2016

    It's about that time! We have received our first dusting of snow and most of us are already getting the itch to pull our machines out and start tinkering! First order of business will be dates for the Jamboree, any opposition to February 20,21,22? I will need to check with Der Ritterhof to make...
  13. Tye one on

    Snow Cat Jamboree 2015

    This is the official save the Date for Snow Cat Jamboree 2015. Jamboree will be held in Leavenworth WA on January 22nd through 25th with a day outing into Derby Canyon with the cats on the 24th. I will be updating this thread and the Snow Cat Jamboree Facebook page regularly and hope that you...
  14. Tye one on

    Any Bombi guys near Leavenworth Wa?

    A friend of my Snow cat Jamboree page contacted me looking for some advice on an issue he is having with his Bombi. He is located in Leavenworth Wa and would like someone to take a look at it. Thanks.
  15. Tye one on

    Tucker rear end and pontoon repair question

    I have a 1965 tucker 343a with a 318 Chrysler that has bent tubes on the front end. I was hoping to tweet them back into place but it's seeming like I may be replacing the housing all together if one can be found. As I disassembled the pontoon to remove it I'm seeing some worn parts that I will...
  16. Tye one on

    WA state Track party/snow cat jamboree 2014

    So here we go! Snow cat jamboree 2013 was a huge success and we are looking forward to doing again next year. As we gather all the specifics we will post here for the event in 2014. Post here if you are interested and we will keep you updated as we go. Thanks.
  17. Tye one on

    Why is this so difficult?!

    I love browsing the forums here and making an occasional post but I'm beginning to get irritated. It seems that all of us would like to see pictures with posts if applicable. The ever so common and irritating message "this post is worthless without pictures" comes out the minute someone doesn't...
  18. Tye one on

    Tucker rear ends

    I have a slightly bent tube on a tucker 343a. Tracked are toed out slightly, anyone ever repaired a problem like this? I am contemplating slicing the tube part way through, pulling it into place and welding it up. Any thoughts? Let me have have it!
  19. Tye one on

    Day trip ideas?

    Hey all, I'm a new cat owner and live in western Washington. Looking for some fun places to take my cat for the day, any ideas on a must see?
  20. Tye one on

    Tucker engine temp

    Took my cat out for a maiden voyage this weekend and noticed the engine temp ran about 190- 200, is this high? The engine is a 318 Chrysler in a tucker 343a, seemed high to me but I am used to diesel engine that stay around 180. Thanks for any input.