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  1. nikos

    SNOW TRAC -Civil Protection Volunteers

    In the 37 -38 sec in thw video, when the snowtrac is running in the field, from the exhaust there is a noice with fumes. I think this is a backfire. Nikos
  2. nikos

    SNOW TRAC -Civil Protection Volunteers

    Volunteer. The next generation
  3. nikos

    SNOW TRAC -Civil Protection Volunteers

    In the field. Up to 2,5 Feet. of snow. What a beautiful day.
  4. nikos

    SNOW TRAC -Civil Protection Volunteers

    https://echoflorina.gr/%ce%b5%ce%ba%cf%80%ce%b1%ce%af%ce%b4%ce%b5%cf%85%cf%83%ce%b7-%cf%83%cf%84%ce%b1-%cf%87%ce%b9%cf%8c%ce%bd%ce%b9%ce%b1-%ce%bc%ce%b5-%ce%b5%cf%81%cf%80%cf%85%cf%83%cf%84%cf%81%ce%b9%ce%bf%cf%86%cf%8c/ SUNDAY 16th of January 2022 Location : Mt Vitsi Drosopigi Florinas Nikos
  5. nikos

    Alpine Cat Jamboree 2022

    Wallowa Lake Lodge.
  6. nikos

    Happy Holidays!

    Merry xmas to all
  7. nikos

    SNOW TRAC WHEELS - help me find parts

    I didn't put all the nessecery equipment onto the Ski rack, like the Ski boots and some other things. The fuels are more comfortable and safe there. I have also the Roof Rack for use. The Left side onto the ski rack is for the Fuels and the Right side is for The tools and the Phama Box -First...
  8. nikos

    SNOW TRAC WHEELS - help me find parts

    I am almost ready to hit the Slopes The perfect Ski Rack for my Snow Trac. The fotos are from last year. Now i have another ski rack in the right side. Nikos
  9. nikos

    Snow Trac two band ice scrapers

    What about big wheel ST4s? Just my opinon The Ice Scrapper is ONLY for the Snow tracs with Two 2 band rubber Track (with big wheel or with the set of the boogie wheels) The Snowtracs with Three 3 band rubber Track had deferend type of Sprocket, and they dont need the Ice Scrapper. Nikos
  10. nikos


    https://www.sno-trac.com TFT- Sno Trac, LLC was formed April 2013 to develop and manufacture a new version of Snow Trac utilizing modern components and newer manufacturing processes. The result is “Sno Trac”: Utilizing an emissions compliant Kubota diesel engine, a hydrostatic drive and a...
  11. nikos

    ST4 Tracks & Sprockets

    It had a 6 Vt DC drive motor and I Iwill dig around and see if I have any pic it’s was a pretty Rube Goldberg set up
  12. nikos

    SNOW TRAC WHEELS - help me find parts

    Thanks Thomas Williams, for the quick reply. Thomas told me to remove first the pin 50 and then the others nuts, to separate the Link Arms. This part, (the right side of the pulleys) on the Variator it was the only part that i haven’t checked till yesterday. I noticed that the Variator isn't...
  13. nikos

    SNOW TRAC WHEELS - help me find parts

    Few mounths ago as you can see above in the fotos, i checked the left ballbearing 51110 on the variator and everything was OK. Now i want to check and if is necessery to replace the right ballbearing 51110 N54 under the bearing holder N56 in the RIGHT side of the variator. I want your...
  14. nikos

    Belgian Tucker snow cats

  15. nikos

    Mt Washington Tucker Sno Cat 443

    MY HUMBLE OPINION The side door section of the Mt Washington Tucker Sno -Cat is a piece of evidence. The appearance of other parts on the Tucker do not match the image and the appearance of the door section. Nikos