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    Susi Vidal

    Im sure Junkman would have loved her! She makes fun of OnlyFans with her OnlyPans! She cooks and makes snarky comments! https://www.tiktok.com/@susi.vidal/video/7050587219534335279?is_copy_url=1&is_from_webapp=v1&lang=en
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    Dear LORD! My eyes are blazing! Is there a Dark Mode? I get here at night and this background is killing me!
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    This is it folks. I dont know Tors or any of that. I DO know things have changed and I know WHO I want to be with when things go south. All the hot women..... errrrrr....... kidding YOU folks! Well.... Yes and no..... but mainly you folks! Im sneezing a hundred times and I have a loving cat...
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    I got something

    I want to get intouch with a woman I dated when I was in college. She was the love of my life. IM in sales and I know a LOT of ways to get in touch with someone but she is off the radar. Makes sense since she was into security and LEO. Well I loved her then and I want to be HIGHLY disappointed...
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    Yuppers! Panera Bread is offering UNLIMITED drinks for THREE months at $9. Of course they want you to eat there too. BUT for $9 for 3 months you get "free" drinks. I got for their lemonade even thought its supposed to be for coffee. Actually their Ice Coffee is killer! I just get a big plastic...
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    We are in a WORLD of HURT!

    I dont know if you know me but Ive been here since 2006. Ive been gone for a quite some time. Busy with working and all the other social media. Twitter... screw those Commies! Facebook... never really used it. HATE it. Now TikTok... LOVE IT! (Check out Susi Vidal) Anyhow if you live on this...
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    Our Voting System is FAKE

    Nice upgrade! Anyhow our voting system is FAKE. Its run by the Deep State. That means the CIA, FBI and other orgs. Bobcat knows this and thats why he went off grid. Nearly all elections are done and planned before. If you want to see reality look at 2020. Trump won by a landslide. America. The...
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    *THIS IS A GUY THREAD* *NO WOMEN ALLOWED* :ermm: I just bought one. It doesnt fry. Its a little convection oven. Its like a woman that gives you a hand job BUT it gets the job done and its close enough. I just started using it a week ago and I have to say, my fish and veggies were pretty...
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    BUSTED Video Shows Capitol Police Conspiring With Antifa To Storm The Capitol And Blame Trump

    Im not sure I see it. Maybe someone can point out proof of what this guy is saying.
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    We ARE at this point. I could just leave it there. The Kabal that is known as EVERY MSM media PLUS we have the CEO of APPLE, GOOGLE, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM (facebook), FACEBOOK and OTHER big stream media.... this is a digital assassination of PRESIDENT Trump. If you are FOR this... youre of Satans...
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    Where is Bob?

    I dont want to say ANYTHING until I talk to Bobcat. NOW I understand why being off grid is important. I was here in 2008 when we all had a party. That party and what we said came to existence. I have the resources, now. Pirategirl STAND UP!
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    Deadly Sushi's Room

    OK I got a room! :w00t: Now what? I should order Chinese. I need to upgrade the mattress. Get some art. Build a kitchen. Install a washer and dryer. Will Doc pay for this? :huh:
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    I think... I hope.. most of you all know President Trump won this election BUT the Deep State stole that just not from him but from US! After today, SCOTUS denied many states and lawyers to take their VERY valid lawsuit. That being said where do we stand? Do we have any hope? After reading...
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    Trump WILL win and this is how....

    We wanted the courts to reject everything which puts it into the SCOTUS. This was the plan. :)
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    NOW I know why he went off grid

    Folks we are in deep shit. Trump WILL win and there will be a mini-uncivil union. The freaks against the normal humans. What is a freak? The Marxists. The sexually insane.
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    I dont like using CAPS but THIS is something else. THIS is very telling! Newt says the "wrong" name and the "wrong" thing. They stop him ON FOX NEWS! George Soros. WATCH http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Elyf3hw8yf8 What do YOU folks think?
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    Can a 28 year old date a 49 year old?
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    This TRANSFORMS many: PEDO

    There is one think that I loathe and is based in Satanic dealings. I will show you how the government and Hollywood is DIPPED into the hororrs of pedo dealingings. https://www.bitchute.com/video/2FDE2HI7Z6Mt/
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    Best Motivational Speech

    Im teared up. How many kids are so F-ed up right now?! WHY?! Because of horrible parents. Here is a representation of a GOOD parent. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mk82j1jQw_8
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    BLACK National Anthem

    ......... ... SOMEONE is trying to rip this country apart. CHINA If you watch the NFL Im coming over to smack your ass! :hammer: Death to Marxists! And where is Bobcat?!