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    First run of 2019

    I pulled the "Ghost" out of, and put the Jeep in, the barn before going home during deer season, but I didn't move it closer to the road. I also neglected to bring home snow shoes. So yesterday I had to walk in knee deep snow. Fortunately my German shepherd helped brake trail. I have always had...
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    Watching over the Drinks

    Watching over the Drinks
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    Playing with the cat

    We have an old abandoned airfield on our property near Big Bay in the UP of Michigan. Its a great place to bomb around on a sunny winter day.
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    601 for sale

    Saw this on Craigs List. not mine, price seem bit high.
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    Just in time

    I pulled my 601 out of the barn and got it ready....just in time.
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    Procedure for removing a 601 alternator

    Anyone know an easy way to remove/replace the alternator in a Thiokol 601? Without removing the body?:w00t2:
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    Lots of snow in the UP of Michigan

    Could not have gotten into the camp without our "Baby". :clap:
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    Thinking of having 601 data plate made.

    I'm doing some research into having a data plate made for my 63' 601. It won't be cheap but I really want one. I was big into restoring military vehicles before drinking the snow cat kool aid. The big finishing touch with these vehicles was a really nice data plate. Thanks to my 601 friends for...
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    Any other Thiokol 600 series drivers have this problem?

    My shifter keeps hitting the engine cover. The paint on the engine cover gets all scratched up. Also, I find it very frustrating to try and get at the engine for minor adjustments or repair because the shifter prevents the cover from opening all the way. You have prop it open with something and...
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    Painted the interior

    Painted the interior. Previous owner had painted it a really bad black.
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    My passenger side window is broken

    The glass on my passenger side front window on my 63 601 is broken. I want to fix it, but there is no chance of bringing it to a glass repair shop, and even if I could it would be unlikely any glass guys around here would take it on. That leaves it to me. I've never replaced glass in a vehicle...
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    What is the best brake fluid for 601?

    What is the best brake fluid for 601?
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    Thiokol 601 door hold open.

    :hammer:Before I acquired my 601 I had several M29 Weasels. One of the things I liked about the weasel was having it open like a jeep with the top down. There have been many times, while operating my 601, when the weather was temperate that I wanted more than just that little door window open...
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    Bulb size for hooded dash light on Thiokol 601?

    What is the bulb size for hooded dash light on Thiokol 601? Its about the size of my thumb and located on the upper left side of the dash. Mine is missing the bulb. I tried to remove it and bring it in, but it would take explosives to get it off. :w00t2:
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    Replacing fan belts on a Ford 223

    The belt that operates the alternator on my Thiokol 601 with a Ford 223 industrial broke. This motor has two belts, the outer belt to the water pump. the inner to the alternator. Since I have to remove the water pump belt to install the alternator pump I've decided I might as well replace both...