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  • Wut up TOM!

    Hey, are you doing any ice fishing up there? Last time I fished was the Spider lake chain.... and long lake if memory serves. You probably got a secret honey hole? (---> as in fishing :yum: )
    chicken fat+butter-- you drank that?
    Actually, half a pack of ramen noodles added woulda been a glorious lunch!
    I like your goofy videos ;) lol
    I have had computer shit and car shit going on. I'm gonna have to get a new computer for sure.
    Toooooooom, what the hell - you go get married or somethin? Hope your doin ok buddy.
    never paid for wood myself,$850 is highway robbery! just paid for a permit (25 bucks)and did the work,well later on,gota go.........
    hey is it gettin cold at night up there yet? when i used to live there we would be gettin wood cut and stored up already.

    Howzit goin man, whats up? You must be busy lately. Oh - don't tell me, drinking season has begun? :yankchain:

    LOL, just wonderin where ya been buddy.
    It's like a little shaft/piston that goes back & forth underneath. Tinypic is the only host i use now days so this might be a big pic, i just took it. feel free to delete lol


    Here's a pic in case you was wonderin:

    Okay. I got this "Wright saw" with a blade that moves back and forth instead of a bar with a chain on it - must be from the 60's or so. Good condition. I'll have to look it up. Thanks anyway man!
    It truly is God's country up there, only if the winters weren't so harsh! Won't be much longer & I'll hopefully be taking a week off work and coming up there to my buddies house/cabin. Luckily we are swamped at work for now.
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