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    318 chrysler Industrial

    I put a 318 out of a white combine in my bombardier there tough motors but you have to change the intake the combine Carb doesn’t Have an Auxiliary pump i used a chev carb
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    Bombi Exhaust Manifold Replacement?

    I just built one its way better than stock less restriction
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    Bombi pulling to the right

    Hi I have newer tracks one year old ,new bearings,all the tires are foam filled so I can’t adjust the tire pressure, and on the foam I would never foam anything but the 2 rear .anyway it pulled to the right you have to correct it every 100 yards Someone said loosen the right and tighten the...
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    Bombardier snow bus

    Hi guys does any one know if the 1960s Bombardier muskeg have Wheels with big and small bearings like the snow bus ? And does anybody know if someone is making those steel rims Or where there’s some for sale hopefully in Canada There getting hard to find . And I know about Alpine guide They...
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    Foam filled tires

    Anybody considering foam filling there rear tires .do it I did mine and I’m glad I did I blew a rim 20 miles in the bush and was able to driveback to the road Was a good day in the bush Have fun
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    Bombi prices

    check out kijiji Canada And see what. people are asking and some getting for them Unreal prices are going up Have fun we need more snow
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    May everybody get the parts they need and want for Christmas If you can get them without your wife finding out it’s even better Lol Merry Christmas everybody
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    Marry Christmas to all May the snow keep falling And the machines keep running This is our time of year All the best
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    Guides and wheel for J5

    Looking for about a dozen guides and a spare wheel for a J 5 bombardier A fellow in Alberta is in need of these parts Have fun
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    Bombardier Bombi summer track guides

    I have a bunch of good used and rebuilt Bombi summer track guides The rebuilt ones I build up with a mig and they are like new For sale PM me if interested. I also have a bunch of good used Bombi summer cleats
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    Bombardier Bombi for sale !!SOLD!!

    Bombi for sale New track belts ,All new tires ,all good cleats and guides ,new steering bands , Good sprockets,runs and drives excelent 10,500 obo like 8 grand US
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    Narrow gauge bombardier diff for sale !!SOLD!!

    I have a narrow gauge diff for sale 10 spline axle gears 39to 1 ratio I also may have another one it's in a 48 dodge truck I just picked up Haven't pulled it yet .if you contact me I'll send pictures Have fun later
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    1.6 Bombi engine parts for sale

    I have Bombi 1.6 engine parts for sale Block needs boring out ,crank shaft .10 tho, cam,rods. .10tho,3 pistons 30 over, Head with valves , Rocker arms ,lifters pushrods,intake manifold,oil pump, And some other parts Have fun