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  • do you still have the summer guides for a bombi track ? i know it is a long shot but i figured it cant hurt to check
    Sorry, I don't know how to use this Forum very well. I just came across your reply. I'm in St Cloud MN. I'm headed up to Lake Of The Woods next weekend to a couple of resorts who run Bombardiers and see if I can meet some owners/operators for some insight.
    Regards, TOM
    Snowcatt, I recently came across this forum and 'am in awe of the amount of knowledge here. I have been dreaming of buying a B-12 Bombardier and restoring it. I want to contact some owners to see if it is worth the cost and effort. Can you give me some insite?
    Regards, TommyGunn65
    My Bombi seem to want to pull to the left any idea's what I could check ?
    I'm going to try and back off the tension . Is it like a snowmobile track adjust one to make it pull to the other .
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